G-70 Version 3

Music Workstation

The number of perfection!

  • SRX
  • USB
  • XGlite
  • GS
  • GM2
  • D-BEAM
  • V-LINK
  • DigiScore

The number of perfection!

Roland has the pleasure to announce the release of the new G-70 V3 (version 3). V3 means not just a System Program update, but also a great improvement of the musical content granting Styles, Music Assistant and One Touches of a quality that you have never found in any other keyboard!

  • - System Program Version 3
  • - Dedicated 3-Band EQ in Keyboard Parts, in all Style Instruments and inall SMF Instruments
  • - All the pre-loaded 299 Style now refined
  • - New powerful One Touch settings structure
    Your G-70 can be updated to Version 3 via download (please check www.rolandkeyboardclub.com) or you can ask your Roland Service Center to update your G-70 for you!

Dedicated 3-band EQ for each Keyboard Parts

The G-70 V3 provides a 3-band Equalizer for each Keyboard Parts.
It can be used to refine the sound image by avoiding unpleasant overlaps in certain frequency ranges. In other words: the Equalizer is mainly used to give the right frequencies to each single instruments granting a better sound result.

All the 299 Styles refined!

All the 299 internal Styles have been carefully re-mastered in a recording studio using the 3-band Equalizers for an unlimited number of instruments (including each single drum elements).
In this way the Roland staff managed to set the right frequencies to all the instruments granting clean arrangements. Moreover the volume of each instrument (included in each styles) have been well balanced getting homogeneity in the styles themselves.

New One Touch setting structure

The G-70 V3’s One Touch memories are actually a kind of User Programs included in each Style. Thanks to the new setting structure they can manage the parameters of Individual EQ for keyboard parts and MFX type.

Other functions coming from G-70 Version 2

The Guitar Mode

The G-70 V3, like the G-70 Version 2 is provided with the new Guitar Mode. This cutting-edge function provides several down- and up-stroke patterns, realistic muting and other guitar techniques, all controllable from the G-70 V3 keyboard.

Expansion sounds in Styles and Songs

The G-70 V3 at last allows you to assign any Tone or Drum Set of an installed expansion board (option) to Song and Style tracks. It even provides an Auto Sync function for perfect tempo matching of any loop or phrase you select from that board.

Style Converter

Turn any Standard MIDI File into a fully functional Music Style!
The G-70 V3 Style Converter is an easy and intuitive tool for creating your own Music Styles based on one of your own Songs or a Standard MIDI File created by someone else.

Vocal Harmonist Midi Control (16-Track Sequencer)

Several new functions have been added to the 16-Track Sequencer environment, the most important being the possibility to record Vocal Harmonist data.
The Vocal Harmonist has become MIDI-savvy and so can be controlled from an external device if you need the keyboard for other things.

Make Up Tool Freeze Function

It allows you to save your Song and Style changes for universal SMF compatibility, and more flexible Song and Style editing.

Melody Intelligence

This function has become more flexible: selecting a Harmony Type also means that the G-70 V3 automatically assigns a suitable sound to the Melody Intelligent part (e.g. a trumpet and sax sounds for Big Band, etc.)
By default, the G-70 V3 automatically loads the Melody Intelligent type that is suited for the Styles you select.

Your G-70 can be updated to Version 3 via download (please, check www.rolandkeyboardclub.com) or you can ask your Roland Service Center to update your G-70 for you!


76 key Pro-Action Keyboard with aftertouch

Sound source

Max polyphony
128 voices
1596 panel tones, 48 Drums kits. Dedicated 3-band EQ (with Q) for each Oscillator (on Realtime/Style/Song parts) and for each drum instrument on Styles and Songs
Harmonic Bar
Based on Virtual ToneWheel technology
SRX Expansion board slot
Multi timbre parts
Effect Processors
7 dedicated effects processors for:
Realtime section - 12 Reverb, 6 Chorus / 84 Multi EFX
Backing(Song/Style) - 8 Reverb, 8 Chorus
Harmonic Bar section - Rotary, Vibrato and Overdrive
External Audio Input - 84 effects
Mic Input - Noise Gate, Comp. 9 Reverb, 9 Delay
Harmonist section - 9 Reverb, 9 Delay, 9 Chorus
Mastering section - Parametric EQ, Multi Band Comp.
GM2/ GS/ XGlite


Preset styles
285 styles on 12 families + 14 on the Custom Area. All 299 Styles are completely refined.
Variation/ Intro/ Ending/ Fill In
4 variations/ 4 Intro/ 4 Ending/ 6 Fill In/ Break Mute on Assign Switches
Sync Start/
Sync Stop
User Style Composer
8 Tracks with Micro editing/ Piano Roll editing/ Guitar Mode programming/ SRX tones selection
Direct Media Link
One Touch Setting
4 One Touch settings for each single Styles (including MFX and independent EQ settings)


For Songs and Styles, 30 ALL, 18 Drum, 24 Bass

Makeup Tools

For Songs and Styles
SRX expansion sounds in Styles and Songs
Make up Tool Freeze Data function
Individual 3-band EQ for each sound

Panel controls

Multi-function sliders
Rotary encoder with push switch
Inc, Dec, Up, Down, Right, Left
Pitch Bender and Modulation
D Beam
Yes, (4 modes)
Keyboard/ Accomp Balance
External Source Volume
Keyboard Part/ Tone Assign Switches
Upper1, Upper2, Upper3, Lower1, Lower2, Manual Bass
Color Touch Screen with click noise

Player/ Recorder

Mark / Jump
Yes, 4 locations for each Song
16-Track Sequencer, with Micro Editing/ Piano Roll editing, Harmonist control, Guitar Mode programming, SRX Tones selection, SMF to Style Converter
Lyrics Display
Yes with Chord Extractor
Text Import/ Export

Harmonic Bar

Virtual ToneWheel technology
for Upper1/ Lower1
9 bars: 16’, 5-1/3’, 8’, 4’, 2-2/3’, 2’, 1-3/5’, 1-1/3’, 1’
for Manual bass
2 bars: 16’, 8’
On, Off, 2-2/3’, 4’, Slow, Fast
Leakage level
8 set

Vocal Harmonist

4 Modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch, Singer
Programmable Harmony
3 Types: 30 Small, 30 Ensemble, 24 Vocoder
On 16-Track Sequencer, via MIDI IN

User Programs


Music Assistant

about 500 presets, programmable

Data Storage

3.5” HD/DD
Internal SSD (Solid State Disk)
62,4 MB (approx. 27,4 MB as preloaded factory data) - new FAT DISK optimization
PC Card Slot
1 (supports : Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Smart Media, Microdrive, using Card adaptor)
Type of files managed
Style, Song(SMF), User Program, MIDI Set, Play List, File.txt

Other functions

Guitar Mode
Yes, for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, with Stereo doubling function
Song, Style, User Program
Easy Setting
Arranger, Organ, Piano, Guitar Mode
Chord Alteration System
Adaptive Chord Voicing. ACV code insertion facility on User Style. Improved Repitch algorithm
Melody Intelligent
Yes, 18 Types
Melody Intelligent 2nd Tone customization
Tap Tempo
Transpose with Singer Key Adapter
Yes, -6 ~ +5
Song Chord Extractor
Yes, programmable
Assignable SW
Yes, 2 programmable with Break Mute selection
Updating system
Yes, on Flash


1, for File transfer / MIDI
Audio Output
Main (L/mono, R)‚ Direct (L, R), Vocal Harmonist (L, R)‚ Metronome Output
Audio Input
External audio input (L, R), Vocal Harmonist Input (XLR/TRS, Phone balanced/unbalanced)
1 x Hold Pedal, 1 x Assignable Switch, 1 x Foot Pedal, 1 x FC-7 Control Pedal
Video Output
Yes, for Lyrics and Chords (2 types)


Supplied accessories
Owner’s Manual, Power cord, Music Rest

Size and Weight (Size and Weight )

Width (W)
1,295 mm51 inches
Depth (D)
437 mm17-1/4 inches
Height (H)
157 mm6-3/16 inches
20.5 kg45 lbs. 4 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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