Music Workstation

The ultimate music workstation

  • SRX
  • USB
  • XGlite
  • GS
  • GM2
  • D-BEAM
  • V-LINK
  • DigiScore

The ultimate music workstation

Roland is renowned for producing revolutionary keyboards and now reaches another historic milestone with the introduction of the G-70 Music Workstation. The G-70 incorporates concepts and technologies from across the entire Roland product range, resulting in an instrument epitomising the very best of Roland.

>> G-70 Version 2

  • - 192 MB WAVE ROM
  • - 76 keys Pro-Action Keyboard
  • - The best piano sound derived from Fantom-X
  • - Virtual ToneWheel derived from VK organ
  • - 285 Styles
  • - ACV - Adaptive Chord Voicing
  • - SRX Expandability
  • - Internal Memory 50MB (Solid State Disk)
  • - DigiScore and Lyrics / Chord display on LCD
  • - Makeup Tools / Cover for Songs and Styles
  • - Vocal Harmonist
  • - 16 track Sequencer / 8 track Style composer with micro editing
  • - 7 independent effects sections
  • - Full-color Touch Screen
  • - 9 Multi-function Sliders
  • - USB connectivity
  • The specifications are subject to change without notice.

The best sound engine

The G-70 uses Roland’s most powerful sound engine ever. With its lightening-fast processor, 128-voice polyphony and 6 realtime performance parts, the G-70 will satisfy even the most demanding player.

The best sound quality

The quality of sound on the G-70 cannot fail to impress, as it uses the largest internal WAVE ROM in Roland keyboard history – 192 MB*. It boasts the best sounds from the Roland library, as well as the latest and most expressive piano sound Roland has ever produced, derived from Fantom-X. Many new studio-sampled guitars, accordion and other instrument sounds are also featured and give a fantastic live feel to arrangements.
* 16 bit linear equivalent.

SRX expandability

Roland’s SRX expansion board series offers a wide selection of the highest quality sounds, taken from the world’s top professional studios. The G-70 can be expanded in this way to give an even greater choice of sounds to the performer.

76-key Pro-Action Keyboard

The keyboard on the G-70 features a superb weighted Pro-Action, with aftertouch, which has a longer stroke and a natural responsive feel.

Harmonic Bars

The G-70 caters to the needs of organists by including 9 sliders which physically reproduce the feeling of playing a real Harmonic Bar Organ, using the renowned Virtual ToneWheel technology from Roland’s VK organ range. These sliders are linked to the 3D animated Virtual Harmonic Bars on the full-color LCD and can also be assigned to a variety of functions for a truly expressive performance.

Brand-new styles

The G-70’s arranger section includes 285 completely new styles, each with 4 variations, 4 intros, 4 endings, and 6 fill-ins, which exploit the full potential of the powerful sound engine. Many of these styles have been recorded using live studio musicians to create top-quality professional backings.

Cover / Makeup Tools for customizing styles

The G-70 also includes the Cover and Makeup Tools from the DisCover series, allowing you to change instantly any part of your style or song. Thousands of different styles can be easily created using these features.

Adaptive Chord Voicing (ACV)

The greatest innovation in the arranger section is a new technology called “Adaptive Chord Voicing” (ACV). The technology is based on an intelligent real-time chord voicing for each accompaniment part, which creates a natural arrangement - each instrument in the style plays smooth musical lines instead of jumping to awkward intervals each time the chord is changed.
(The technology is patent pending)

Full-color LCD screen / DigiScore and lyric display

A full-colour touch screen, complete with “click noise” to confirm actions, is also included for quick and simple operation.
The G-70 features a high-quality 4-stave score display, developed from the Atelier and HP-i products, as well as the facility to view chords and lyrics. This chord and lyric information can also be viewed on an external TV screen using the video output.

Data storage

The G-70 has a huge 50MB internal memory(Solid State Disk), a floppy disk drive, and a memory card slot that supports many current devices, such as Smart Media and Compact Flash.

Effects and mastering

There are 7 independent effects sections on the G-70, including dedicated sections for the Harmonic Bars, Harmonist and the External Audio Input. Mastering tools derived from the renowned VS Pro Audio range are also included for even greater control.


The Vocal Harmonist on the G-70 has over 90 different settings and many additional effects and features, including Auto Pitch Correct and Vocoder.

Music Assistant

The correct sounds, style, tempo and effects are automatically selected for each of the hundreds well-known songs on the Music Assistant database, to which new songs can now be added as required.

16 track sequencer / 8 track style composer

The full 16-track sequencer and the internal style composer can be edited in precise detail using Microscope edit functions.

Quick search

Quick search is an essential for the keyboard that has a huge database inside. The G-70 offers the direct Finder function for quick recall of your next User Program, Style or Song.


For easy file exchange and MIDI transfer to PC, the USB connector is provided.

The specifications are subject to change without notice.


76 key Pro-Action Keyboard with aftertouch

Sound source

Max polyphony
128 voices
1596 panel tones, 48 Drums kits
Wave memory: 192 MB (16 bit linear equivalent)
Harmonic Bar
Based on Virtual ToneWheel technology
SRX Expansion board slot
Multi timbre parts
Effect Processors
7 dedicated effects processors for:
· Realtime section - 12 Reverb, 6 Chorus / 84 Multi EFX
· Backing(Song/Style) - 8 Reverb, 8 Chorus
· Harmonic Bar section - Rotary, Vibrato and Overdrive
· External Audio Input - 84 effects
· Mic Input - Noise Gate, Comp. 9 Reverb, 9 Delay
· Harmonist section - 9 Reverb, 9 Delay, 9 Chorus
· Mastering section - Parametric EQ, Multi Band Comp.
GM2/ GS/ XGlite


Preset styles
285 styles on 12 families
Variation/ Intro/ Ending/ Fill In
4 variations/ 4 Intro/ 4 Ending/ 6 Fill In
Sync Start/
Sync Stop
User Style Composer
8 Tracks with Micro editing
Direct Media Link
One Touch Setting
4 for each Style, programmable


For Songs and Styles, 30 ALL, 18 Drum, 24 Bass

Makeup Tools

For Songs and Styles

Panel controls

Multi-function sliders
Rotary encoder with push switch
Inc, Dec, Up, Down, Right, Left
Pitch Bender and Modulation
D Beam
Yes, (4 modes)
Keyboard/ Accomp Balance
External Source Volume
Keyboard Part/ Tone Assign Switches
Upper1, Upper2, Upper3, Lower1, Lower2, Manual Bass


Color Touch Screen with click noise

Player/ Recorder

Mark/ Jump
Yes, 4 location for each song
16 track, with micro editing feature
Lyrics Display
Yes with Chord Extractor
Text Import/ Export

Harmonic Bar

Virtual ToneWheel technology
for Upper1/ Lower1
9 bars: 16’, 5-1/3’, 8’, 4’, 2-2/3’, 2’, 1-3/5’, 1-1/3’, 1’
for Manual bass
2 bars: 16’, 8’
On, Off, 2-2/3’, 4’, Slow, Fast
Leakage level
8 set

Vocal Harmonist

4 Modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch, Singer
Programmable Harmony
3 Types: 30 Small, 30 Ensemble, 24 Vocoder

User Programs


Music Assistant

about 500 presets, programmable

Data Storage

3.5” HD/DD
Internal SSD (Solid State Disk)
about 50 MB
PC Card Slot
1 (supports : Compact Flash, Memory Stick, Smart Media, Microdrive, using Card adaptor)
Type of files managed
Style, Song(SMF), User Program, MIDI Set, Play List, File.txt

Other functions

Song, Style, User Program
Easy Setting
Arranger, Organ, Piano
Chord Alteration System
Adaptive Chord Voicing
Melody Intelligent
Yes, 18 Type
Tap Tempo
Transpose with Singer Key Adapter
Yes, -6 ~ +5
Song Chord Extractor
Yes, programmable
Assignable SW
Yes, 2 programmable
Updating system
Yes, on Flash


1, for File transfer / MIDI
Audio Output
Main (L/mono, R)‚ Direct (L, R), Vocal Harmonist (L, R)‚ Metronome Output
Audio Input
External audio input (L, R), Vocal Harmonist Input (XLR/TRS, Phone balanced/unbalanced)
1 x Hold Pedal, 1 x Assignable Switch, 1 x Foot Pedal, 1 x FC-7 Control Pedal
Video Output
Yes, for Lyrics and Chords (2 types)


Supplied accessories
Owner’s Manual, Power cord, Music Rest

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,295 mm51 inches
Depth (D)
437 mm17-1/4 inches
Height (H)
157 mm6-3/16 inches
20.5 kg45 lbs. 4 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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