Music Workstation

Fantom Power for the Masses

  • SRX
  • USB
  • GM2
  • D-BEAM
  • V-LINK
  • COSM

Fantom Power for the Masses

Roland’s Fantom-X series has redefined the cutting edge of sample-based workstation technology. If you crave Fantom power, but want a more cost-effective way to Fantomize your rig, Roland has the perfect synth for you. Meet the Fantom-Xa — a multifaceted sampling workstation with an affordable price tag!

  • - Affordable 128-voice expandable workstation with brand new patches
  • - Maximum 644 MB wave memory expandability via SRX-Series Wave Expansion Board (1) and DIMM for sampler memory
  • - Maximum 102 minutes mono sampling time when fully expanded
  • - Skip Back Sampling captures phrases you've just played
  • - Intuitive user interface with Part buttons, numeric keys that can actas Sound Category-select buttons
  • - USB for MIDI communication and file transfer with PC/Mac
  • - V-LINK for controlling Edirol video products

Flagship Features

Many of the attributes that make the flagship Fantom-X series so popular have been ported to the Fantom-Xa. Check out these mouth-watering specs: 128-voice polyphony, up to 644MB expandability, Skip Back Sampling, high-resolution built-in sequencer, realtime audio timestretching, COSM modeling effects, mastering processor, USB port, WAV/AIF compatibility, and an SRX expansion slot. The Fantom-X’s sequencer has the largest capacity in the industry, and the Fantom-Xa is no different. It’s always waiting for you to start recording — just press the Record button from any mode and you’re off.

Deep Synthesis

Under the Fantom-Xa’s hood is one of the most powerful synth engines on the market. It’s loaded with great raw waveforms, stereo four Tones with semi-modular structures, multiple filter types, and up to eight syncable LFOs per patch, including the Fantom’s user-programmable Step LFO, which you’ll find highlighted in the Pulsating and Beats&Groove categories. Use the onboard rhythms to launch a breakbeat from the pads, then press the Category Lock button to surf through dozens of perfectly sync’d rhythms for instant dance-floor inspiration. Enable the Xa’s arpeggiator (choose from over 100 programmable patterns) and warp it with the twist of a knob.

Stellar Sound Bank

The foundation of any workstation is its sounds. They should inspire you to play, create, and write music, and keep you coming back for more. Like its big brothers, the Fantom-Xa shines with great patches, covering all the traditional keyboard and orchestral categories, plus banks of modern electronic textures and beyond. Over 1,000 patches are categorized by family (Electric Guitars, Soft Pads, Organs, etc.) so it’s easy to find your sound quickly.

Skip Back Sampling

The Fantom-Xa is equipped with a powerful and innovative feature found in the Fantom-X series: Skip Back Sampling. It’s an ultra-cool sound design tool, and is also handy for “rescuing” magical moments that you would have otherwise lost. If you play a great lick, for example, and wish that you could hear it back (and even retain it as a sample), simply hit the Skip Back button and there it is! Skip Back can also be used for handy recording of external guitar or vocals in time with the internal sequence, or as a productive way of quickly resampling your realtime performance with knob and controller tweaks.

Seamless Audio/MIDI Integration

Whether you’re sequencing MIDI tracks, triggering samples, or even recording audio directly to RAM, the Fantom-Xa makes combining these elements a simple process. Lay down a drum track by combining the internal drum sounds with audio loops, which can automatically sync to tempo via realtime time-stretching. Then record some keyboard parts via MIDI and finish your song by tracking a guitar or vocal as audio. The high-resolution sequencer holds up to 400,000 events, and supports Standard MIDI Files.

World-Class Effects

The Fantom-Xa is loaded with studio-quality COSM effects. There are three MFX processors onboard, plus dedicated reverb, chorus, and even a mastering processor with multiband compression. Export your polished, finalized mixes to a PC or Mac via USB for CD burning.

Connectivity and More

There’s no shortage of I/O on the Fantom-Xa. Take advantage of four audio outputs, a headphone out, a pair audio inputs, MIDI in, out, and thru, a Hold pedal input (halfpedal recognition), Control pedal input (assignable), and a USB port that supports file transfer and acts as MIDI interface. One handy USB cable connected from Fantom to computer is all you need. The onboard PC Card slot allows up to a gigabyte (!) of patch and sample data storage. You’ll also get Roland’s famous D-Beam controller and V-LINK output.
Finally, the Fantom-Xa comes with Fantom-X Editor software for Mac and PC that allows full-scale computer control via simple USB connection.

Fantom-Xa memory allocation

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61 keys (with velocity)

Sound Generator Section

Maximum Polyphony
128 voices (shared with the sampling section)
16 parts
Wave Memory
64 M bytes (16-bit linear equivalent)
Preset Memory
Patches: 768 + 256 (GM2)
Rhythm Sets: 36 + 9 (GM2)
Performances: 64
User Memory
Patches: 256
Rhythm Sets: 32
Performances: 64
Card Memory (PC card)
Patches: 256
Rhythm Sets: 32
Performances: 64
Multi-Effects: 3 systems, 78 types
Chorus: 3 types
Reverb: 5 types
Input Effects: 6 types
Mastering Effects: 3-band compressor

Sampling Section

Data Format
16-bit linear (File Type: .WAV/.AIFF)
Sampling Frequency
44.1 kHz (fixed)
Maximum Sampling Time
mono: 47 sec. approx., stereo: 23.5 sec. approx.
*When sampling memory isn’t expanded (4 MB)
mono: 102 min. approx., stereo: 51 min. approx.
*When sampling memory is expanded with DIMM (516 MB)
Number of Samples
User memory: 2,000 (maximum total approximately 4 MB)
Card memory: 7,000 (PC card)

Sequencer Section

Phrase tracks (16 MIDI channels per track): 16
Tempo track: 1
Beat track: 1
Patterns: 100
480 TPQN
Note Capacity
approx. 400,000 notes
Song Length
9,998 measures
Recording Method
Realtime recording, Step recording


Preset: 128
User: 128
Rhythm Pattern
Preset: 256 (32 groups)
User: 256 (32 groups)
Chord Memory
Preset: 64
User: 64
240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)
Pad Buttons
10 pads (Trigger/Category Selection/Numeric Keys)
Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
Control Knob x 4
Assignable Switch x 2
D Beam Controller
Headphones Jack
A (MIX) Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4 inch phone type
B Output Jacks (L, R): 1/4 inch phone type
Input Jacks (L/MONO/MIC, R): 1/4 inch phone type
Hold Pedal Jack (Half Pedal recognition)
Control Pedal Jack (assignable)
MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT, THRU)
USB Connector (supports file transfer and MIDI)
AC Adaptor Jack
Expansion Slots
• Expansion of waveforms and patches for the internal sound generator
SRX expansion board: 1 slot
• Expansion of sampling memory
DIMM: 1 slot (supports 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB (3.3 V))
External Storage Device
PC Card: 1 slot (supports SmartMedia and CompactFlash using
a PC card adaptor)
Power Supply
DC 9 V (AC Adaptor)
Current draw
1200 mA
Owner’s Manual
CD-ROM (Editor, USB MIDI driver)
PC Card Protector
AC Adaptor (PSB-1U)
Wave Expansion Board: SRX Series
Keyboard Stand: KS-12
Pedal Switch: DP-2, DP-8
Foot Switch: BOSS FS-5U
Expression Pedal: EV-5

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,065 mm41-15/16 inches
Depth (D)
358 mm14-1/8 inches
Height (H)
114 mm4-1/2 inches
10.9 kg24 lbs. 1 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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