Fantom-X Audio Track Expansion Kit

Turbo-Charge Your Fantom-X

  • SRX
  • USB
  • GM2
  • D-BEAM
  • V-LINK
  • COSM

Turbo-Charge Your Fantom-X

The Fantom-X series grows even stronger with the release of a new operation system, which adds eight stereo linear audio tracks to the Fantom’s sequencer. Any Fantom-X6, X7, or X8 can be upgraded via the FAN-X-UP1 “Audio Track Expansion Kit.” (A separate version is available for the Fantom-XR) The upgrade kit includes a CompactFlash card with installer software, PC card adaptor, plus a CD-ROM that contains Fantom-X Editor Software Version 2, including a Sample Editor, a Multisample Editor, and an S-700 file converter for Mac and PC.
>> Fantom-X6 | >> Fantom-X7 | >> Fantom-X8
>> Sample Tools Expansion Kit for the Fantom-XR

  • - Add eight linear stereo audio tracks to the already-powerful Fantom-X workstation
  • - Tracks can be played back from any point in the song, and can be synchronized with the MIDI tracks via realtime time-stretching
  • - Multisample waveform editor for serious sample-based patch creation
  • - Upgraded Editor software; plus S-700 CD-ROM conversion software for PC/Mac
  • - Auto-Patch Bank mode creates patches for every sample for quick use in compositions
  • - New Sample Gain parameter (0/+6/+12dB)

Audio Track Expansion

Musicians around the world have been producing amazing music with the current Fantom-X series workstations. Now imagine taking that powerhouse synth/sampling/ sequencing platform and adding eight stereo linear audio tracks to the mix — with realtime time-stretch capabilities for syncing audio to MIDI. Unlike sequence-driven samples, these new audio tracks can be played back from any point in the song, and can be synchronized perfectly with the MIDI tracks, thanks to realtime time-stretching. It’s also possible to output a Skip Back sample to an audio track. Imagine having a robust, rock-solid “DAW-synth” that’s equally at home in studios or touring rigs. Welcome to the world of the true audio/MIDI fusion workstation!

Skip Back Preview Window

Multisample Edit Window

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