Fantom-XR Sample Tools Expansion Kit

Power Pack for Your XR Rack

  • SRX
  • USB
  • GM2
  • COSM

Power Pack for Your XR Rack

Owners of the Fantom-XR can add powerful functionality to their rack with the FAN-XR-UP1 “Sample Tools Expansion Kit.” All of the new features for Fantom-X keyboards are now available for the Fantom-XR, minus the inclusion of audio tracks. New features include an onboard Multisample Editor, a Sample Gain parameter, an Auto-Patch Bank mode (which creates patches for every sample for quick use in a composition), a multisample editor, and upgraded Fantom-X Editor Version 2, including S-700 sample-conversion software for Mac and PC. The new operating system is installed from the supplied CompactFlash card and PC-card adapter.
>> Fantom-XR
>> Audio Track Expansion Kit for the Fantom-X

  • - Updates the Fantom-XR to new operation system via Memory Card installation; CompactFlash and PC-card adaptor included
  • - Adds multisample waveform editing for serious sample-based patch creation
  • - Adds Auto-Patch Bank mode, which creates patches for every sample for quick use in a composition
  • - Fantom-X Editor software Version 2 CD-ROM also included, which contains S-700 conversion software for PC/Mac

Sample Chop: Fantom-X Editor Software 2

Chop audio into rhythmic fragments, then immediately preview the slices by clicking the onscreen pads.

Multisample Edit: Fantom-X Editor Software 2

Manipulate multisamples fast and easy in this onscreen environment.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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