The World's First Complete Digital Accordion evolved to Version 2


(Oct. 22, 2013)
Matthias Matzke from Germany is the winner of 7th edition of V-Accordion Festival.

(Apr. 4, 2013)
Check the latest FR-8x Piano type V-Accordion!
Meet the new FR-8x Piano type V-Accordion featuring Newly developed Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology, four powerful multi-effects, an onboard looper, and much more!

The World's First Complete Digital Accordion evolved to Version 2

Roland is pleased to introduce another milestone in digital musical instrument history —the V-Accordion. Models FR-7 and FR-5 are the first instruments of their type to successfully integrate powerful digital technology such as new Physical Behavior Modeling (PBM) into a traditional accordion design, offering performance features and authentic sounds that appeal to a wide range of musical styles.

Color Variation >> Red FR-7 Red

  • - PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling) enables true sound reproduction and dynamic expression.
  • - Realistic tone and expressive simulations of a wide range of traditional accordions.
  • - 22 onboard Orchestral sounds and 7 Orchestral Bass sounds that can be mixed together with traditional accordion sounds.
  • - Control of the Orchestral sounds via the Orchestral Chord and the Orchestral Free Bass sections.
  • - Portable, lightweight and expandable via MIDI.
  • - Expand creative possibilities and explore new performance options not achievable using traditional instruments.
  • - The FR-7 is a complete, all-in-one model with powered speakers.
  • The FR-7 Version 1 users can upgrade their FR-7 into Version 2. Please, contact your nearest Roland Service Center.

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Physical Behavior Modeling (PBM)

At the heart of the FR-7 is Roland's new, proprietary PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling) sound engine and sound modeling technologies. Physical Behavior Modeling uses complex algorithms (as opposed to sampled sounds) to accurately model an acoustic accordion's sound characteristics. The result is a faithful recreation of the actual physical behavior and expressive nuances of an acoustic instrument.

Unique, All-in-One Portable Instrument

Lightweight and portable, the FR-7 uses an onboard digital amplifier with rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack to power a pair of neodymium woofers and tweeters for a consistent, full range low-end to high-end output. The right and left hand velocity sensitive keyboards integrate with the high-resolution bellows pressure sensor to deliver an amazing level of expressiveness and playability.

Super Realistic Accordion Simulations

The FR-7 can simulate up to 30 different accordion sound sets, each including 14 Treble Registers, 7 Bass & Chord Registers and 7 Free Bass Registers. To create these high quality sounds, Roland engineers sampled scores of popular traditional acoustic accordions, resulting in a single instrument that can faithfully reproduce various models of traditional accordions, including their different tuning characteristics. As a result, the V-Accordion can switch instantly from an Italian Jazz to a German Folk, French Musette, or historic Bandoneon.

Variety of Orchestral Sounds Combined with Traditional Accordion Sounds

Along with stellar onboard accordion sounds, the FR-7 incorporates Roland's acclaimed orchestral sounds. Traditional and orchestral sound combinations can be easily created and played back, complete with full bellows articulation and unique keyboard modes such as Solo, Dual and High/Low. Seven high quality bass sounds can be played separately by the left hand, including: Acoustic Bass, Bowed Bass, Fingered Bass, Picked Bass, Fretless Bass, Bariton Tuba, Bariton Tuba + E.Bass.

Version 2

The FR-7 is evolved into Version 2 adding extra value to the V-Accordion. The Bass section has been expanded to include control of Orchestral sounds via the Orchestral Chord and Orchestral Free Bass sections. Moreover the FR-7 expands MIDI compatibility and it can be used to control external arranger/sounds modules.

Digital Advantages

The FR-7 faithfully combines the familiar sounds and nuances of a traditional accordion with the versatility of a modern digital musical instrument. You can instantly select and switch between a wide range of sounds and/or types of accordions, or customize your own unique timbres. Because it doesn't depend on moving parts for sound generation, the V-Accordion is always in tune and both keyboards can be transposed to play within a wide range of octaves. For sound output, you can plug directly into a sound system, recording device or plug in a pair of headphones for silent practice.

Exploring the Possibilities

The V-Accordion combines velocity sensitive keyboards, and a high resolution bellows pressure sensor to create a whole new world of expressive possibilities. Using the High/Low Mode feature, you can control up to 4 parts simultaneously in real time from just one V-Accordion. Onboard MIDI functionality allows you to expand the range of performance options to sound modules, arranger keyboards or an external sequencer. The more you experiment with the V-Accordion's capabilities, the more possibilities you'll find!

An Appeal to Everyone

The FR-7 V-Accordion appeals to a wide range of musicians, including professional entertainers who play in environments where mobility is essential, traditional accordionists, and those players who simply desire to stretch the limits of the traditional instrument. Additionally, the V-Accordion's headphone practicing feature and portability appeal to students, amateurs and any musician who desires greater flexibility and increased performance options in practice and performance environments.

Keyboard & Bellows

Right Hand
41 Keys Piano Type with velocity and aftertouch
Left Hand
120 Bass buttons with velocity
Keyboard Mode
Right Hand: Solo, Dual, High/Low (for Orchestral Sounds)
Left Hand: Standard, Free Bass, Orchestral Bass, Orchestral Chord, Orchestral Free Bass
Real pneumatic detection of bellows pressure, by a high resolution pressure sensor


Tones: Accordion Set
40 full programmable
* Each Accordion Sets including:
14 Treble registers
7 Bass registers
7 Free Bass registers
7 Orchestral Free Bass registers
7 Orchestral Bass registers
7 Orchestral Chord registers
22 Orchestral sounds
Treble Reed Footages
Bass Reed Footages
Chord Reed Footages
Free Bass Footages
Orchestral Sounds
22: Trumpet, Trombone, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Oboe, Harmonica, Muted Harmonica, Violin, Pizzicato, Flute, Pan Flute, Highland, Zampogna, Jazz organ, Perc. Organ, Rotary Organ, Trem. Organ, Voice, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Piano
Orchestral Bass Sounds
7: Acoustic Bass, Bowed Bass, Fingered Bass, Picked Bass, Fretless Bass, Tuba, Tuba Mix
Orchestra Free Bass sounds
Trombone, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Perc.Organ, AC Guitar, AC Piano
Orchestral Chord
Trombone, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Trem. Organ, Voice, AC Guitar, AC Piano

PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling)

Stopping-reed growl, Closing valve noise, Left button noise
Individual Reed Simulation
Hysteresis threshold, Expression curve, Pressure variant filter, Pressure variant pitch deviation
Switching Reed Sound Wave
By bellows acceleration
By note repetition speed

Musette Tuning

Musette-Micro-Tuning Presets
16: Off (Standard), Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish


8 Types
8 Types
8 Types
Rotary for Orchestral Organ Sound
"Cassotto" and "Sordina" Simulation

Panel Controls

Knob Controls
Volume, Treble/Bass balance, Reverb, Chorus, Delay
Data Edit with Enter switch

Panel Switches

Treble Registers
14 + Master + Orchestra
Bass Registers
Navigation Switches
Up, Down, Menu/Write, Exit/Jump
Other Switches
Accordion Set Up/Down, Sordina On/Off, Power


48 x 84 dots graphic backlit LCD
Rated Power Output
2 x 25 W RMS
10cm x 2 speakers (using Neodymium Transducer Magnets), Tweeters x 2
Onboard Connectors
Headphone jack (Stereo), Output jack (Stereo), Multi Connector (to FBC-7)
Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack 24V-4500mAh
Color Variation
Dark Grey, Red
Supplied Accessories
FBC-7 (Power supply/Battery Charger), Owner's Manual, Straps, Accordion cloth, Treble Reference caps, Bass Reference Caps, Power Cord 19-Pin Multicore cable
External FBC-7 Specifications
5 Programmable Foot switches (Set Up/Down, Register Up/Down, Sustain), Multi connector (towards Accordion), Expression Pedal jack, MIDI connectors (In, Out, Thru), Output jacks (L/Mono, R), AC Inlet


Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack 24V-4500mAh, V-Accordion Gigbag, FBC-7 Gigbag

Size and Weight

Width (W)
528 mm20-13/16 inches
Depth (D)
275 mm10-7/8 inches
Height (H)
423 mm16-11/16 inches
11.5 kg25 lbs. 6 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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