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Accordion De-Light!


(Oct. 22, 2013)
Matthias Matzke from Germany is the winner of 7th edition of V-Accordion Festival.

Accordion De-Light!

The new Roland FR-2b V-Accordion has the look and feel of a traditional accordion but the heart beating inside gives you all the advantages of digital control. The true tone and characteristics of the best accordions from all over the world have been captured with the proprietary PBM (Physical Behaviour Modeling) technology, and enriched with a wide palette of other instruments, from percussion to bass, organ, strings etc.., to provide wider tonal choice.

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  • - High portability makes it suitable for young students and stage performance
  • - Pad function for playing amazing percussion sounds
  • - Song function turns the learning process into fun
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Light-Weight Champion

At almost half the weight of the bigger models, the FR-2b stands out for its portability. Whether you are a student or a professional musician, at home or on stage, your back will definitely thank FR-2b!

You've got the Power!

More than five hours of battery life (sold separately) set you free in any situation. In case you run out of power, any eight “AA” rechargeable batteries (the most common to find) will do the job.

User Program

The FR-2b contains 8 memories (User Programs) where you can store your function settings. Working with those memories has the advantage that you can recall frequently used settings at the press of a button.

Pad Function

Switch to PAD FUNCTION and the Bass Registers become a powerful tool ― now you can add percussion sounds to your bassline and chord, or use them as drumpads, and even record and play a rhythm on the fly in the Loop Playback Mode.

Song Function

You can get the most from this function by interacting with any song with the minus one function: Practice each hand separately while the song is playing and control its expression with the bellows. The learning process has never been so much fun!


The many connection options of the FR-2b allow you to perform in any situation.
Headphones: Now you can practice at any hour, without disturbing the neighbours or those around you
Line output: Of course you can plug into the PA as usual, but you could also use a wireless transmitter to leave you free to walk around on stage or amongst the audience and make your performance more visually exciting
MIDI: We live in a digital world and MIDI is the digital instrument's language: You can play external keyboards and expanders, record your music on a sequencer or connect to an ARRANGER to turn your V-Accordion into a whole band at your fingertip.


The Roland CM-30 CUBE Monitor is the ideal choice to showcase your music but even though it's light, small and affordable, don't be fooled… it can sing loud and proud! And, for those of you who like to perform “on the road”, check out the battery powered Roland CUBE STREET ― the ultimate portable solution.

Bellows Pressure

Improved Bellows Resistance Regulator on the FR-2b V-Accordion allows you to fine tune the bellows pressure according to your strength, ability or personal style.

Arranger Control Function

The arranger control function enables the FR-2b player to transmit all the information related to the chords to your arranger keyboard.

Replaceable Inlay Sheets

Choose your look between six included SHEETS or personalize your Roland FR-2b V-Accordion with your name, a picture of your band, or unleash your artistic potential!

Tutorial Book with DVD

Especially made for the Roland V-Accordion, Sergio Scappini's Tutorial book with DVD are a smart option for young beginners. (For more details, please ask your nearest Roland distributors.)

Keyboard & Bellows

Right hand
82-buttons, velocity sensitive
Left Hand
96 bass buttons with velocity
Real pneumatic detection of bellows pressure (high-resolution pressure sensor), Bellows Resistance Regulator

Sound Source

Sound Generator
Max polyphony: 128 voices
8 Accordion Sets, each one including: 10 Treble registers, 5 Bass registers,5 Orchestral Bass registers, 5 Orchestral Chord registers, 6 Orchestral sounds
Treble reed footages
Bass reed footages
Chord reed footages

PBM (Physical Behaviour Modelling)

Stopping-reed growl, Closing valve noise, Left button noise
Individual reed simulation
Hysteresis threshold, Expression curve, Pressure variant filter, Pressure variant pitch deviation
Switching reed sound wave
by bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed

Musette Tuning

Micro tuning presets
15: Off, Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish


8 types
8 types

Panel Controls

Knob controls
Volume/ Power; Registers: 5 x Treble, 3 x Orchestra, Set, 5 x Bass; Buttons: Orch. Bass, Orch. chord, Left Register, Pad/Default, Rec/Loop, Song/Demo, User Prog/Dec, Metronome/Inc.

Operation Modes

Bass & Chord Mode
2 Bs Rows, 3 Bs Rows A-7th, 3 Bs Rows A-5dim3 Bs Rows B-7th, 3 Bs Rows B-5dim, 3 Bs Rows Bx
Treble Mode
C Griff Europe, C Griff 2, B Griff Bajan, B Griff Fin, D Griff 1, D Griff 2
Down, 0, Up for Treble and Orchestra
8 drum/percussion sets, phrase recording function
8 preset songs with selectable mute function for left- or right-hand part


Power Supply
External AC adapter or optional batteries
Power Consumption
500 mA
Battery (optional)
Ni-MH 2500mAh approx. 5 hours. This varies depending on the actual conditions of use
Onboard connectors
Headphones Jack (Stereo), Output Jack: L/Mono(Treble), R/Mono(Bass), MIDI connector: OUT/IN (adjustable via MIDI parameter)
Supplied accessories
External AC adapter, Owner’s manual, Straps, Reference caps for Treble buttons, Battery holder (pre-installed in compartment), replaceable Sheets:6
Optional accessories
Gigbag (BAG-FR-3), CM-30 Cube Monitor, CUBE STREET Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier, SA-300 Stage Amplifier

Size and Weight (Size & Weight)

Width (W)
472 mm18-9/16 inches
Depth (D)
247 mm9-3/4 inches
Height (H)
388 mm15-5/16 inches
7.5 kg16 lbs. 9 oz.

Weight (without straps or optional batteries)

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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