Digital Piano

Ideal piano performance and sound in a stylish, modern design.

  • Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard
  • USB
  • GM2

Ideal piano performance and sound in a stylish, modern design.

Introducing the digital piano for the modern age. The high-quality FP-5 offers supremely natural sound in a refined and compact modern body. Equally suited for home or stage, it redefines the meaning of “stylish,” “smart,” and “easy to play.” Not only does it feel and sound like a rich, reverberant and expressive acoustic grand piano, it's also packed full of handy features only available in a fine digital instrument. Whether you're new to the piano, a seasoned pro, or just trying to get back into it again, the FP-5 is perfect for you.

  • - Compact, stylish design
  • - Realistic acoustic piano touch
  • - Rich piano sound and powerful speakers
  • - Responsive pedal for more piano expression
  • - Session Partner accompaniment
  • - 3-Track recorder
  • - Plenty of preset classical songs
  • - Wide selection of instrument sounds and effects
  • - Organ sounds with tone wheel
  • - Set-up function for live performances
  • - Input/Output and other jacks
Relevant product

Compact, stylish design

The FP-5’s simple, contemporary form offers the perfect blend of stylishness and quality. Its sleek body, accented by a soft champagne gold color, is ideal for any modern room or stage-and fits almost anywhere. The attractive acrylic music stand comes with fastening screws, so it stays put no matter where you play. And the optional FPS-11A stand nicely complements the FP-5’s refined lines.

Expressive piano touch

With its unique Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, the FP-5 feels as natural as an acoustic grand piano. It gives the same light touch in the upper range and heavier touch in the lower range. It also delivers lighter resistance on pianissimo passages and stronger resistance on fortissimo passages. Authentic acoustic piano touch is right at your fingertips.

Rich piano sound

Roland built its latest stereo-sampled pianos and sound source technology into the FP-5. So it sounds just like a full concert acoustic grand, delivering the same breadth of expression and natural, dynamic richness, right down to the most delicate nuance. And of course, its sound source provides 64-voice polyphony, so you don’t need to worry about note cutoffs when playing.

Superb built-in speakers for powerful, responsive sound

The FP-5’s high-performance 10cm twin-magnet speaker system brings out the true sweetness and responsiveness of the sound, without compromising the FP-5’s stylishly compact design. Its rounded speakers help ensure your sound remains clear, with a natural, flat frequency response.

Responsive pedal for more piano expression

The FP-5 can respond to half-pedal playing, for even more realistic acoustic piano-like expression. It comes with one DP-8 pedal as an accessory-so you can enjoy the half-pedaling feature the moment you bring it home. The FP-5 also offers three pedal connection ports (Damper/Sostenuto/Soft) to attach other pedals (optional) for a more expressive performance. For even more piano fun, you can assign many other functions to the Soft and Sostenuto pedal jacks, such as Expression, Session Partner Start/Stop, Bend Up/Down and many others.

Session Partner accompaniment

Create a “live” music session with the Session Partner function. Choose the appropriate kind of drums and bass, select one of 80 realistic rhythm patterns ranging from Pop to Jazz to Latin as your backing, and you’re ready to play. Furthermore, by choosing one of 90 preset chord progressions, the Session Partner will faithfully provide the right accompaniment for you. You can also set your own chord progression. It’s an ideal function for composing, drafting a performance, or playing ad lib, whether on stage or at home. Naturally, you can use the Session Partner as auto-accompaniment and play chords with your left hand in real time. And with the FP-5,s built-in 3-track recorder, you can even record and play back your performance, the Session Partner backup, or the rhythm part. It’s practical, functional and fun!

Handy functions for live performances

With its Setup function, the FP-5 can memorize up to seven different settings and instrument sounds. A simple button touch instantly recalls those settings—perfect for use on stage! The FP-5 can also memorize program changes for each setup, making it ideal for external sound source control. Plus, a simple, dedicated knob on the panel lets you quickly and easily adjust the volume balance of either instrument sound in Split mode or Dual mode. It’s great for live performances.

Wide selection of instrument sounds and effects

With a wealth of onboard instrument sounds-everything from electric piano to strings, guitar and many others-the FP-5 has the right instrument for whatever you want to play. It has numerous other features too. You can create an instant ensemble by using the Split mode to divide the keyboard in half and select a different instrument sound for each hand. Or you can combine two sounds with Dual mode play, for even more expression. You can also use the Pedal Pitch Bend function to sustain notes. Best of all, in addition to Reverb, the FP-5 has 10 special sound effects like Chorus, Sympathetic Resonance, the Rotary effect for organ sounds, the Phaser and Tremolo effects for electric piano, and more.

Virtual ToneWheel organ sound

The FP-5 incorporates Roland’s unique Virtual ToneWheel organ sound, perfectly reproducing the soulful sound of a tone wheel organ. These are not mere presets; you can change the level of each footage to create just the organ sound you want.

USB-MIDI and GM2-compliant sound source

The FP-5 is equipped with a built-in USB port* that makes MIDI connection to your computer a breeze. With this USB port and GM2-compliant sound source, you can set up the FP-5 as a computer music input keyboard or sound source for GM/GM2.

*The USB port handles MIDI messages only.
*CD-ROM containing USB drivers for Windows and Mac OS included. USB cable not included.

Input/Output jacks

The FP-5 offers several jacks and ports to connect to other devices. The input jacks let you connect external audio devices such as CD players, so you can play along with your favorite CDs. The output jacks let you play the FP-5 through external audio equipment or your home audio system.


88 keys (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard)
Touch Sensitivity
Light/Normal/Heavy/Fixed (Velocity adjustable)
Keyboard Mode
Whole, Dual, Split (split point adjustable)

Sound Source (Confirms to General MIDI 2 System)

Max. Polyphony
64 voices
Tones: 64 variations in 7 groups (include 6 Tone Wheel Organ tones and 4 Drum Sets), GM2 Tones: 256 + 9 Drum Sets
Reverb, Multi Effects (10 Types)
-6 to +5 (semitone steps)
7 types, selectable tonic
Master Tuning
415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz Step)

Session Partner

80 Rhythms
Chord Progression
Automatic or input with keyboard, User Programmable


Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, Volume: 10 levels, Pattern: 11 patterns
3 tracks (only Rhythm sound can be recorded to Track [R] button.)
1 song
Quarter note = 20 to 250
120 ticks per quarter note


Internal Songs
Demo songs: 9, Piano songs: 65
10 cm x 2
Rated Power Output
10 W x 2
7-segment, 3-digit LED
Line Out jacks (L/Mono, R), Line In jacks (L/Mono, R), Phones jack (front panel) x 2 (stereo miniature phone type), USB connector (MIDI), MIDI connectors (In/Out), Pedal jacks (Damper, Soft*, Sostenuto*) * Assignable, DC In Jack
Power Supply
DC 12 V (AC adaptor)
Power Consumption
35 W
Owner's manual, USB Installation guide, CD-ROM (USB Driver), AC adaptor, AC cord, Music Stand / 2 screws for the music stand, Pedal (DP-8)
Keyboard Stand (FPS-11A), Pedal (DP-2/8), Expression Pedal (EV-5), MIDI Implementation

FP-5 USB Driver System Requirements


Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/XP Professional/2000 Professional/Me/98/98SE
Windows® compatible personal computer equipped with a USB port
Pentium® processor 200 MHz or higher
(Pentium® processor 400 MHz or higher on Windows® XP)
Memory (RAM)
64 M bytes or more (128 M bytes or more on Windows® XP/2000)
Incompatible Chipset
VIA Apollo BX, VIA Apollo MVP3, VIA Apollo MVP4


Operating System
Mac OS 8.5 or later
USB ready Apple® Macintosh®
PowerPC G3/233MHz or higher
Memory (RAM)
64 M bytes or more (128 M bytes or more on Mac OS X)

* Mac OS 9, 8: Requires OMS 2.3.5 or later, or FreeMIDI 1.35 or later.
Mac OS X: The digital piano will not operate in the Mac OS X Classic environment, and will be unusable while the Classic Environment is running

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,308 mm51-1/2 inches
Depth (D)
360 mm14-3/16 inches
Height (H)
128 mm5-1/16 inches
21.5 kg47 lbs. 7 oz.

Witout the music stand

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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