24Bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Capture

24 Bit/192 kHz High Fidelity Audio in a Compact Body

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(Sept. 1, 2012)
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24 Bit/192 kHz High Fidelity Audio in a Compact Body

You can get 6-IN/6-OUT 24 bit/96 kHz simultaneous full duplex recording performance, or 4-IN/4-OUT 24 bit/192 kHz simultaneous full duplex recording performance, the maximum spec. for DVD-Audio with this box.

  • - Compatible with Mac OS X Standard Driver Provided by Apple
  • - Mac OS X CoreAudio and WindowsXP WDM & ASIO 2.0 Support
  • - Zero-Latency, Direct Monitoring
  • - 2x XLR/TRS Combo Jacks with Professional Grade Mic Preamps with +48V Phantom Power
  • - +4 dB Balanced Input & Output
  • - S/PDIF Optical Input & Output Ports with "SYNC" LED Indicator
  • - MIDI IN/OUT Ports
  • - Built-in Analog Limiter and Indicator
  • - FireWire Bus Powered, AC Adaptor Included
  • - Both 6-pin & 4-pin IEEE1394 Ports
  • - Compact, Solid Metal Construction

6-IN/6-OUT 24 bit/96 kHz Simultaneous Performance, and 4-IN/4-OUT 24 bit/192 kHz Simultaneous Performance

You can record and monitor all Six channels of audio at the same time at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution, the maximum spec. for DVD-Audio.

Compatible with Mac OS X Standard Driver Provided from Apple

The FA-66 uses the standard FireWire Audio driver included on Mac OS X. This means there is no driver to install - just plug it in and start recording! Your Mac will recognize it immediately.

Variety of Input & Output Options

The FA-66 offers a wide array of input and output options to let you connect any audio device you need, including; 2 Neutrick XLR/TRS combo inputs with Phantom Power, Hi-Z (Guitar) connection, stereo RCA analog inputs, S/PDIF Optical I/O, 4 individual analog outputs, 1/4" stereo Headphone Output, and MIDI I/O. The FA-66 offers +4dBu balanced input & output.

2x XLR/TRS Combo Jacks with Professional Grade Mic Preamps with +48V Phantom Power

The FA-66 is a completely portable recording center with very clean, high-gain microphone preamps & premium analog components perfect for home studio & field recording.

Built-in Analog Limiter and Indicator

Prevent clipping in your recordings. Get high quality live recordings with a wide dynamic range. See the side diagram for Limiter characteristics.

FireWire Bus Powered for Mobile Use

No AC adaptor required! Just connect one FireWire (6-pin to 6-pin) cable to your laptop to create a quality field recorder. Reduce your cables and record anywhere with the FA-66. For your desktop use, the FA-66 package comes with the AC adaptor.

Core Audio, WDM, & ASIO 2.0 Support

Compatible with Mac OS X standard audio, CoreAudio. Plus, the FA-66 comes with WindowsXP WDM & ASIO2.0 drivers for Low Latency with most audio applications.

Zero-Latency, Direct Monitoring

Listen to audio being recording directly, without routing through software, with the FA-66's Direct Monitoring function. This allows the input to go straight to the output offer ZERO-latency monitoring. The FA-66 also offers incredibly low latency when monitoring through software or performing with software synths through the Apple CoreAudio driver as well as the WDM/ASIO2.0 drivers for Windows XP.

Compact, Solid Metal Construction

The FA-66 packs Edirol's latest audio technology in a small, durable body for incredibly portable FireWire audio recording.

Number of Audio Record/Playback Channels

44.1/48/96 kHz
Record: 6 channels
Playback: 6 channels
Full duplex
192 kHz
Record: 4 channels
Playback: 4 channels
Full duplex

Signal Processing

PC interface
24 bits
AD/DA Conversion
24 bits (linear)

Sampling Frequency

Digital output
44.1/48/96 kHz
Digital input
44.1/48/96 kHz
AD/DA Conversion
44.1/48/96/192 kHz

Frequency Response

96.0 kHz
20 Hz to 40 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
48.0 kHz
20 Hz to 22 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
44.1 kHz
20 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-2 dB)

Nominal Input Level

Input Jack 1--2 (XLR type)
-50 to -10 dBu
Input Jack 1-2 (1/4 inch TRS phone type)
-35 to +4 dBu
Input Jack 3-4
-10 dBu to ∞(balanced)

Nominal Output Level

Output Jack 1-4
+4 dBu (balanced)

Residual Noise Level

Output Jack 1-2
-95 dBu
(input terminated with 1 k ohms, MAIN VOLUME: 0 dB, INPUT SENS: +4 dBu, DIRECT MONITOR VOLUME: OUT1/2 position, IHF-A typ., Balanced)

S/N RATIO (Typical)

105 dB
102 dB


Firewire (IEEE1394)
Digital input/output (Optical type, conforms to IEC60958)


Front Panel
Input Jack 1-2 (XLR type / 1/4 inch TRS phone type)
XLR type (balanced / phantom power +48 V)
1/4 inch TRS phone type (balanced)
Digital In Connector (Optical type)
Digital Out Connector (Optical type)
Headphones Jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
Rear Panel
Input Jack 3-4 (RCA pin type)
Output Jack 1-4 (1/4 inch TRS phone type (balanced))
MIDI Connectors (In, Out)
FireWire Connectors (6 pins type, 4 pins type)


Power Supply
DC 9 V (AC adaptor) / FireWire Bus Power
Current Draw
650 mA
Owner's Manual
Driver CD-ROM
AC Adaptor
FireWire cable (6 pins to 6 pins)
FireWire cable (6 pins to 4 pins)
FireWire cable (9 pins to 4 pins)

Size and Weight

Width (W)
164 mm6-1/2 inches
Depth (D)
148 mm5-7/8 inches
Height (H)
44 mm1-3/4 inches
650 g1 lbs. 7 oz.

0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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