Interactive Arranger

Roland Unveils the Crown Jewel of the EXR Series

  • USB
  • XGlite
  • GS
  • GM2
  • D-BEAM
  • V-LINK

Roland Unveils the Crown Jewel of the EXR Series

The EXR-7 Interactive Arranger extends the reputation and performance features found in Roland's popular EXR-5/3 keyboards, featuring a 76-note touch-sensitive keyboard, new high quality sounds, FLASH memory function for adding new songs and styles, and more. Whether you're a professional, serious enthusiast, or someone who plays for pure enjoyment, the EXR-7 lets you take your music, and your performance, to new levels!

  • - 76-note keyboard, with Roland's newly improved keyboard action that accurately responds to delicate nuances and fast tempo passages.
  • - 510 tones, 20 drum kits and 20 new high quality Super tones.
  • - 1.5 MB of built-in Flash memory allows storage of up to 99 Songs or Styles.
  • - 100 User Programs, 10 times more than the EXR-3/5.
  • - 16-track recorder with "minus-one" playback for education purpose.
  • - More than 100 contemporary "live feel" Music Styles that can be edited using the built-in Orchestrator feature.
  • - Onboard D Beam controller enables unique expressive control over EXR-7 sounds during live performance.
  • - User-friendly design with new dedicated Style and Tempo switches as well as separate Tone control switches.
  • - Superior speaker system with Bass Reflex and Digital Bass Enhancer for high quality, full range output.
  • - V-LINK* video control for integrating video and music together.
  • - USB port for loading new songs and styles to the internal Flash memory (up to 1.5 MB of data), plus floppy drive.

The EXR-7 Really Lets You Stretch

If you're looking to "stretch out" with your music, the EXR-7 is the perfect keyboard for you! The keys feature Roland's newly improved keyboard action that responds faithfully to delicate nuances and up-tempo passages. The new Piano Mode Chord Recognition feature recognizes chords in the full 76-key range, eliminating the need to adapt your playing style to a split keyboard, freeing your left and right hand to play naturally for piano type performance across the 76 keys, with accompaniment.

Featuring 20 New High Quality Tones

The EXR-7 extends the EXR Series' powerful sound engine and variety of tones to new levels of expression. Roland's acclaimed stereo sampled Piano is included, along with 20 new high-quality sounds with realistic nuances and voicing characteristics, including Attack Flute, Blow Alto Sax, Harmonica Hand, Jazz Guitar and French Musette, to name a few. Additionally, Roland's popular Music Assistant feature has been newly improved for the EXR-7.

User-Friendly Operation

The EXR-7 packs a wide variety of sounds, styles and functions into a user-friendly, easy to operate design. Dedicated Style and Tone category switches and separate Tempo control switches allow quick altering of sound characteristics. Roland's D Beam controller is included for realtime control over your performance. The EXR-7 has 100 User Programs (that's 10 times more than the EXR-3/5!) for storing favorite settings, including tones, styles and tempo. Any of the 100 User Programs can be quickly and easily accessed from the front panel.

High Quality Built-In Speaker System for Full Range Output

The EXR-7's built-in, powerful full range speaker system is designed to accurately reproduce the keyboard's high-quality sounds. The low-end output delivers maximum punch, incorporating Roland's new Digital Bass Enhancer technology and Bass Reflex system.


76 Keys Touch Sensitive (improved key action)
Keyboard Mode
Whole, Split, Dual


Sound Source
PCM samples
Conformes to GM2/GS/XGlite
Max Polyphony
64 voices
510 panel tones
+ 542 XG Tones *1
+ 256 GM2 Tones *1
plus new 20 Super tones :
Attack Flute, Blow Alto Sax, Harmonica Hand, Muted Trumpet, Poly Brass, Jazz Guitar, Accordion Master, French Musette, Bandoneon, Stereo Strings, etc.
Drum Kits
20 Drum Kits
11 Drum Kits XG compatible
9 Drum Kits GM2 compatible
Multitimbral parts


Display type & controls
New Large Backlit Custom LCD
Master Volume
Yes, by a knob
74 switches
Family/Rec Mode
Select/Rec Track
Number (0~9 +Yes/-No)
Tone Select 1~8 families
Style Select 1~8 families
Tempo Slow/Fast
Pitch Bender
D Beam


Chord Recognition Mode
Mode 1, Mode 2, Piano Mode
84 Factory + 19 Changeable (up to 99 on Frash memory)
Flash Memory
(Memory size 1.5 MB for Style and Song)
One Touch
2 x 84
Band Orchestrator
3 levels:
Drum & Bass, Combo, Full Band


Realtime SMF player
16-track Recorder
4 easy modes: ALL, Keyboard, Single, Punch In/Out
Songs Flash Memory
19 Changeable. Up to 99
(Memory size 1.5 MB for Style and Song)
For Song and Style, 5: Acoustic, Rock, Pop, Dance, Ethnic
User Programs


8 types
8 types
47 types

Data Storage

FDD 3.5” 2HD/2DD
Type of files managed
Song, Style, User Program
Files savable and loadable from PC thru USB
Song, Style


Time Signature setting
Yes, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8, 9/8
Volume Control

Other functions

2 easy mode
Piano Solo, Arranger Band
Music Assistant
Melody Intelligent
18 types
-3 to +3
Key Transpose
-12 to +12
Updating System
Yes, by FLOPPY Disk


For File transfer
In, Out
Output Jacks
L/mono, Right
2 on front
Foot Switch
1, Sustain, Programmable


Output Power
10 W + 10 W with "Digital Bass Enhancer"
Bass Reflex
Stereo Speakers
13 cm x 2
Power Supply
12 V / 3.5 A
Supplied Accessories
Owner’s Manual, AC Adaptor, Music Rest

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,260 mm49-5/8 inches
Depth (D)
373 mm14-11/16 inches
Height (H)
139 mm5-1/2 inches
12 kg26 lbs. 8 oz.

*1; XG/GM2-Compatible tones can only be triggered via Song Player or MIDI.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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