Digital Video Workstation

With a direct feel for edits, a more intuitive editing process is at the heart of the Direct Linear concept.

With a direct feel for edits, a more intuitive editing process is at the heart of the Direct Linear concept.

With a focus on creativity and productivity, Direct Linear editors from Edirol bring outstanding stability, ease-of-use and expressiveness. They offer a world without loss or interruption that combines the feel of linear editing with the flexibility of non linear editing. A world where the edit comes first, where the feel is real.

  • - Non-stop editing.
  • - Dependable file management.
  • - Ease-of-use.
  • - Intuitive A/B Roll editing.
  • - Maximizing the digital camera.
  • - Professional Voice Over and Audio Scrub functions.
  • - A variety of connections to external devices supports creativity.
  • - Support for the PC.
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Non-stop editing.

Enables on-the-fly editing while playing full frame DV. Relocate and insert material and apply Dissolve, Wipe, Titling, Keyer in real time without stopping.

Dependable file management.

Maximizing productivity, the DV-7DL PRO offers very secure file management. With constant backup of your project, you work is safe even through extended work periods and accidental power loss.


Knowledge of an OS or special skills for configuring and maintaining a PC are not required.The DV-7DL PRO allows you to fully concentrate on your on video editing. Limited screenchanges and a dedicated controller all support your productivity.

Intuitive A/B Roll editing.

Enables you to mix or switch, in real time, between two video sources which were recorded simultaneously in a multi camera shoot. Production time can be drastically reduced and creativity enhanced.

Most operations can be done from a single menu!

The world's first Non-stop editing system makes it easy to edit your ideas while playing back the video. In addition, most of the operations can be made from a single user-friendly edit menu screen.

Maximizing the digital camera.

Apply zoom, pan, and highlighting effects to still images, Readily creating motion from still images enhances the creative options from within a simple editing system.

Professional Voice Over and Audio Scrub functions included.

With the Voice Over function you can make a synchronized narration recording while watching the video. By using the Jog Shuttle Dial of DV-7 controller, you can also use the audio scrub feature to find an exact point.

Support for the PC.

DV-7DL PRO can be directly connected to Windows or Macintosh computers with an IEEE1394 connector. It can also support a card reader for the import or export of video, still pictures, audio, or graphics data from the PC.

A variety of connections to external devices supports creativity.

1. DV video can be imported/exported to a PC through IEEE1394.
2. Still pictures or graphic images can be captured via CD-ROM to make background images for titles.
3. With a card reader still pictures that are shot by a digital camera or pictures from PC can be captured.
4. For advanced audio editing, DV-7DL PROcan sync with the Roland VS series that offers multi track recording.
5. DV-7DL PROcan send video not only to a VCR but to DVD recorder to help create DVD's.
6. DV-7DL PRO can be interconnected through IEEE1394.

Power Supply
AC100V-120V/AC220V-240V (50/60Hz) switchable
Power consumption
Optical mouse (PS/2), Mouse pad, AC cord, DV Cable (1.5m), Owner’s manual, DV-7DLC controller, DL-CR1 USB card reader

Size and Weight

Width (W)
360 mm14-3/16 inches
Depth (D)
420 mm16-9/16 inches
Height (H)
130 mm5-1/8 inches
8.5 kg18 lbs. 12 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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