Interface Box for R-BUS/ADAT

A Convenient Bridge Between R-BUS and ADAT.

A Convenient Bridge Between R-BUS and ADAT.

The DIF-AT24 Interface Box easily converts the 8-channel R-BUS audio format found on V-Studios and the MV-8000 to the popular ADAT format. As such, this 1/3 rackmount box is ideal for transferring audio between your Roland gear and a lightpipe-compatible audio card or digital mixer. And with MIDI built-in, the DIF-AT24 can also be used to expand the MV-8000’s available MIDI outputs.

  • - 1/3 rackmount audio interface converts Roland’s 8-channel R-BUS format to ADAT
  • - Supports up to eight channels of 24-bit I/O via optical connections
  • - MIDI In/Out for synchronized recording between V-Studio and ADAT/PC
  • - MIDI Out port can be used to expand MV-8000’s MIDI output channels
  • - Selectable master clock: R-BUS or ADAT
  • - No power supply needed—receives power through R-BUS cable
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Supports 8-Channel Audio Transfers

Roland’s R-BUS format is a convenient way to exchange up to eight channels of 24-bit digital audio between R-BUS equipped V-Studios or an MV-8000. With the DIF-AT24, you can convert R-BUS to ADAT for easy audio transfers between a V-Studio/MV-8000 and an ADAT-compatible sound card or digital mixer.

Mind Over MIDI

The DIF-AT24’s MIDI In and Out connectors let you easily transfer tracks while syncing to a software sequencer or ADAT recorder. When connected to an MV-8000, the MIDI Out connector adds another 16 MIDI output channels—making the DIF-AT24 a great way to expand your sequencing power.

Sampling Frequency
Audio Data Format
Power indicator, ADAT indicator
R-BUS connector, ADAT optical connectors in,out, MIDI connectors in,out
Power Supply
Supplied from connected R-BUS device
R-BUS cable (1 m), Owner's manual

Size and Weight

Width (W)
138 mm5-7/16 inches
Depth (D)
197 mm7-13/16 inches
Height (H)
43 mm1-3/4 inches
500 g1 lbs. 2 oz.

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