D-Bass Amplifier

The Ultimate Touring Amp for Professional Bass Players

  • FFP
  • COSM

The Ultimate Touring Amp for Professional Bass Players

The Roland D-Bass Amplifiers are the world's first digital bass amps, giving you a wide range of killer tones, programmable memories and incredibly clean, punchy output in the distinct designs. The D-Bass amps combine proprietary Feed Forward Processing (FFP) and COSM amp modeling technology to deliver fat tube and solid-state sounds that can be stored and recalled with the press of a button. Ideal for large clubs and concert halls, the DB-900 incorporates a 320-watt amp, four 10-inch speakers, a horn tweeter and two 12" Passive Radiator speakers.

  • - Powerful 320-watt bass combo amp with Feed Forward Processing (FFP) for maximum punch and clarity
  • - Custom 7-speaker system: 4 x 10” speakers, horn tweeter and 2 x 12” Passive Radiator speakers
  • - COSM Amp Modeling provides solid/tube/tube drive sounds
  • - Built-in compression, 3-band EQ and split-frequency D-Chorus effects
  • - Programmable memories can be recalled via buttons or optional footswitches
  • - High-quality DI output (XLR type), plus 1/4” output for recording
  • - Dedicated Insert jack for routing external effects through the amp
  • - Rugged design with heavy-duty side handles and casters

Powered by FFP Technology

Aside from their powerful and responsive output, one of the first things you'll notice about Roland's D-Bass Amplifiers is their relatively compact size. The small-yet-powerful design of the D-Bass amps is thanks to Roland's proprietary Feed Forward Processing (FFP) technology, which digitally controls the output of these amps to sound much cleaner, louder and punchier than their conservative wattage ratings would suggest.

Digital Amps with an Analog Soul

Thanks to breakthrough COSM amp modeling technology, the D-Bass Amplifiers can deliver a range of great tones beyond that of a traditional (analog) bass amp. Simply select from "Solid State," "Tube" and "Tube Drive" models and use the simple, knob-based controls to tweak your sound as you desire. Once you've got the tones you like, save them into memory for instant recall.

A Range of Sounds and Colors

The D-Bass amps don't stop with amp modeling. They also incorporate specially tuned compression—both clean and overdriven—that you can adjust and save into memory; a 3-band EQ with a semi-parametric midrange; and a Shape switch for tightened response when slapping or popping. There's also a specially tuned "D-Chorus" effect which adds lush, dynamics-sensitive chorus to the high-end without muddying up the punchy lows.

Easy-to-use Controls

Though they incorporate very sophisticated processing inside, the D-Bass amps are refreshingly easy to use. Straightforward knobs give you control over Gain, Volume, Compression, Bass, Mid, Mid Freq., Treble, Chorus and Master Volume. Once you've got the tones you're after, simply save them into A and B memories for instant recall via buttons or optional footswitch. Other conveniences include a high-quality DI output (XLR type), plus a 1/4-inch output for recording. There's also a Headphone jack and a dedicated Insert jack for connecting to external effects.

Rated Power Output
320 W
10” (25 cm) x 4, Horn Tweeter x 1, Passive Radiator 12” (30 cm) x 2
A, B (2 memories)
Input (HIGH, LOW), Balanced DI (XLR Type) Headphones, Insert (Send, Return), Line Out (XLR type, 1/4” TRS phone type), Foot Switch (TIP: A/B, RING: Manual, CHORUS)
Power Consumption
270 W (AC 117/230/240 V)
Casters (x 4)
Foot Switch FS-5L (BOSS)

Size and Weight (incl. casters)

Width (W)
654 mm25-3/4 inches
Depth (D)
489 mm19-1/4 inches
Height (H)
889 mm35 inches
64 kg141 lbs. 2 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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