V-Cymbal Ride/Crash

12-inch V-Cymbal for both ride and crash

12-inch V-Cymbal for both ride and crash

The CY-12R/C V-Cymbal Ride/Crash is a 12-inch electronic cymbal that brings breakthrough V-Cymbal technology to a very affordable price point. This expressive dual-trigger cymbal offers the natural rebound, inertia and "swinging" motion of an acoustic cymbal—plus cymbal choke capabilities—making it perfect for use as a ride, crash or even a splash cymbal.

Express Yourself Naturally

The CY-12R/C V-Cymbal Ride/Crash lets drummers express themselves naturally, thanks to a design which closely mirrors the shape, weight, rebound and natural “swinging” motion of an acoustic cymbal. This 12-inch cymbal can be used as a ride, crash or even a splash cymbal, and features dual-triggering of separate sounds on the edge/bow or bow/bell. It even allows for cymbal chokes.

Compatible with all V-Drums Sets

Whether the CY-12R/C is purchased as part of a new V-Drums system or used to expand an older TD-Series set, it's a great way to add some new performance possibilities to your electronic percussion system. It also works with other manufacturers' electronic drum modules, so you can enjoy greater expression within minutes.

Enhanced Performance with the V-Drums TD-10 Module

Of course, the CY-12R/C V-Cymbal is compatible with all Roland TD-Series modules, but it's especially powerful when used with a V-Drums TD-10 module which has been expanded with the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board. In this setup, the CY-12R/C offers three-way triggering (edge/bow/bell) for use as a ride cymbal*, as well as positional sensing-triggering subtle changes in the cymbal sound depending on the area struck.

*Note that the TD-10 is equipped with a single three-way trigger input, so only one V-Cymbal (CY-12R/C or V-Cymbal Ride) can use this feature in any drum set

CY-12R/C (Ride/Crash)

3 (Bow/Bell/Edge)*
BOW/BELL Output Jack, BOW/EDGE Output Jack
Owner's Manual, Connection Cable, Wing Nut, Felt Washer, Stopper, Cable Tie

Size and Weight

Width (W)
300 mm11-13/16 inches
Depth (D)
300 mm11-13/16 inches
Height (H)
51 mm2-1/16 inches
1.1 kg2 lbs. 7 oz.

* When the TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control is not being used on the TD-10, select “Bow/Bell” or “Bow/Edge.”

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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