8-Track Digital Studio

8-Track Digital Recording to Go.

  • USB
  • COSM


Please check the latest BR-800 featuring EZ Recording, powerful onboard effects, built-in advanced drum machine, supports up to 32GB SDHC card, runs on six AA batteries, functions as a USB audio interface, and more!

8-Track Digital Recording to Go.

The BOSS BR-864 puts 8-track digital recording in the palm of your hand. Never has so much power been available in such a small package. With features like 64 Virtual Tracks, onboard COSM effects, CompactFlash media for recording and a built-in USB port, the BR-864 has everything guitarists and songwriters need to turn ideas into songs.

  • - Compact 8-track digital recording studio with intuitive BOSS-style operation
  • - Uses 128MB CompactFlash media (included) for over 60 minutes of recording time
  • - 8-track simultaneous playback; 64 Virtual Tracks (V-Tracks) for recording
  • - Programmable Rhythm Guide drum track with Tone Load function
  • - Insert/Loop effects with COSM Guitar Amp Modeling and Bass Simulator, plus new wah effects, guitar synth and Harmonist
  • - New dedicated track EQ for all 8 playback tracks
  • - Instrument/Hi-Z Instrument input, XLR and 1/4-inch Microphone inputs, plus stereo RCA Line input
  • - USB port for .WAV/AIFF file exchange with PCs; S/PDIF digital output and built-in microphone and battery power for recording any time, any place
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Affordable and Portable

The BR-864 is not only BOSS' smallest 8-track recorder, but it's also our most affordable. With 64 Virtual Tracks, there's plenty of room to track multiple overdubs, vocals and instruments. A 128MB CompactFlash card comes standard, giving you over an hour's worth of high-quality recording time.

Easy USB File Exchange and Data Backup

A built-in USB port makes it easy to import and export audio with USB-equipped computers. Now you can load and convert .WAV/AIFF files from your Mac or PC directly into a track, or export your song for CD-burning and MP3 creation. The USB port also makes for a great way to archive and backup recordings to your computer's hard drive.

A World of High-Quality Effects

Thanks to COSM modeling, guitarists can plug right into the BR-864 and get killer tone every time. Simply choose from several COSM Amp Models and you'll sound huge. There's even a Bass Simulator that lets you lay down bass from a guitar-plus several new effects like wah, guitar synth and a Harmonist for scale-intelligent pitch shifting.

Rhythm Guide Redux

The Rhythm Guide function has been beefed up considerably for the BR-864. First, BOSS added full programmability, meaning you can tap in your own drum patterns in addition to the dozens of great-sounding presets. A new Tone Load function lets you add custom drum sounds by importing .WAV/AIFF files. Best of all, the Rhythm Guide doesn't use any of the 64 recording tracks, so you still get eight playback tracks and drums.

Guitar-Friendly Features

While anyone can benefit from the BR-864's portability and power, guitarists in particular will appreciate having a dedicated Hi-Z input and onboard tuner. There's also a Phrase Trainer function that lets you slow down riffs, making them easier to learn. And since the BR-864 runs on batteries, you can take this little 8-track studio anywhere.


64 (8 V-Tracks per each Track)
* Up to 2 tracks can be recorded simultaneously, and up to 8 tracks can be played back simultaneously.

Data Storage

Useful Capacity
CompactFlash: 32 MB to 1 GB
Data Type
Sample Rate
44.1 kHz

Recording Time

HiFi (MT2)
16 min/ 32 MB, 32 min/ 64 MB, 65 min/ 128 MB, 130 min/ 256 MB, 260 min/ 512 MB, 520 min/ 1GB
19 min/ 32 MB, 39 min/ 64 MB, 78 min/ 128 MB, 156 min/ 256 MB, 312 min/ 512 MB, 624 min / 1GB
24 min/ 32 MB, 49 min/ 64 MB, 98 min/ 128 MB, 196 min/ 256 MB, 392 min/ 512 MB, 784 min / 1GB
* The above-listed recording times are approximate. Times may be slightly shorter depending on the number of songs that were created.
* The above number is the total for all the tracks that are used. If each of the eight r tracks contain an equal amount of data, the length of the resulting song will be approximately 1/8 of the above.


Nominal Input Level
MIC (Phone/XLR) : -44 dBu
LINE : -16 dBu
Input Impedance
MIC (Phone/XLR) : 8.9 k ohm (HOT-COLD), 8.2 k ohm (HOT-GND, COLD-GND)
LINE : 15 k ohms


Nominal Output Level
LINE OUT : -10 dBu
Output Impedance
LINE OUT : 2 k ohms
HEADPHONES : 147 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance
LINE OUT : 20 k ohms or greater
HEADPHONES : 8 to 50 ohms
Residual Noise Level
LINE OUT : -85 dBu or less
* INPUT SELECT: GUITAR/BASS, input terminated with 1 k ohms, INPUT SENS: Center, IHF-A, typ., Effect: off)


USB connector
DIGITAL OUT (optical type)


GUITAR/BASS (1/4" phone type)
MIC (XLR, 1/4" TRS phone type)
LINE IN (RCA pin type)
LINE OUT (RCA pin type)
FOOT SW/ EXP Pedal (1/4" phone type)
HEADPHONES (Stereo 1/4" phone type)

Power Supply

Power Type
DC 9 V; AC Adaptor (PSA series), Dry batteries x 6
Current Draw
200 mA


Dry battery (R6(AA)type) x6
Owner's Manual
Demo Card (CompactFlash: 128 MB)


AC adaptor (PSA series)
Foot Switch (FS-5U)
Pedal Switch (DP-2)
Expression Pedal (EV-5, FV-300L)

Size and Weight (excl. batteries)

Width (W)
322 mm12-11/16 inches
Depth (D)
225 mm8-7/8 inches
Height (H)
69 mm2-3/4 inches
1.65 kg3 lbs. 11 oz.

* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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