The Basic Way to Organ Playing fun

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The Basic Way to Organ Playing fun

Outstanding sound and user-friendly features for organ playing fun. The new superior basic model of the Music Atelier-Series. Affordable yet high-performance double-manual Music Atelier incorporating wide variety of the Superb Organ Sounds and Orchestral Voices, all-refreshed Realistic Rhythms, superior features for realtime performance such as 61-note Lower manual with Split functions, 8 Registration buttons, 20-note Pedalboard and a Damper pedal.

  • - Superb Organ Sounds
  • - Realistic Rhythms
  • - High-Quality Reverb
  • - Split Function & Authentic Piano Performance
  • - Registration Buttons between the upper and lower manuals
  • - One Touch Program for Automatic Accompaniment
  • - Harmony Intelligence
  • - Floppy Disk Drive Flexibility
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Superb Organ Sounds

Like other top-grade Atelier models, the AT-15 offers a selection of exceptionally authentic, high-quality organ sounds including full organ, jazz organ, pipe organ and theater organ. You can also take advantage of a variety of orchestral voices for more enjoyment in virtually any music genre.

Realistic Rhythms

You can have even more fun performing with realistic rhythms that are actual recordings of professional drummers.

High-Quality Reverb

To further assure a rich, atmospheric organ sound, the AT-15 features a high-performance reverb. Thanks to the incredible room-filling ambience this creates, you'll think you're playing in a cathedral.

Split Function & Authentic Piano Performance

For extra performance versatility, you can use the Split function with the 61-note lower manual to select two different instrument sounds. The AT-15 also offers a damper pedal to let you perform as if you were playing an acoustic piano when using a piano voice.

Registration Buttons

The eight Registration buttons located between the upper and lower manuals enable easy operation while playing. Just press a button to quickly change voices and other panel settings, such as volume balance, solo split point and reverb, for incredible ensemble performances. You can also store registration settings on a floppy disk.

One Touch Program for Automatic Accompaniment

Fun comes easy with the AT-15. Simply select a rhythm such as Big Band, Latin, Waltz or Contemporary Pops, and press the One Touch Button. Then play just one or two notes with your left hand and Automatic Accompaniment provides accompaniments with the feel of a real band. After that, you can enjoy playing the melody with an amazing accompaniment.

Harmony Intelligence

For even more single-finger playing fun, Harmony Intelligence automatically adds beautiful harmonies to your right hand performances.

Floppy Disk Drive Flexibility

Whether you're a beginner or more proficient player, you'll enjoy the advantages the AT-15's floppy disk drive offers. You can exchange data with other AT Series models, so you can immediately use registrations and Music Files created on an Atelier organ by your teacher and friends. And you're ready to listen to or play along with the wealth of SMF (Standard MIDI Files) available from around the world.


49 (C3-C7)
61 (C2-C7)
20 (C2-G3)
Touch Response
Initial Touch (Upper/Lower)
Expression Pedal (ready for the Active Expression feature), Damper Pedal
Foot Switches
2 pcs. (on the expression pedal, function assignable)


Sound Generator
Conforms to GM2/GM/GS/XGlite
108 (included 4 Active Expression voices)
Max. Polyphony
64 voices
Drums/SFX Sets
8 drum sets/1 SFX set
Upper: Max 3 parts (Organ, Orchestral, Solo*), Lower: Max 2 parts (Lower, Solo*), Pedal:1 part (Pedal) * The solo part is available for either Upper or Lower
Rotary Sound, Reverb, Sustain, Glide

Automatic Accompaniment

62 rhythms in 8 categories
Disk Rhythm
4 rhythms
Voices for Accomp./SMF
226 voices
Arranger Control
Arranger On/Off*, Start/Stop, Sync Start*, Intro/Ending, Fill In (Original/Variation), Chord Intelligence*, One Touch Program, Intro Count Down, Auto Standard Tempo ( *linked to the One Touch Program)

Other Functions

Registration Memories
Harmony Intelligence
6 types
Key Transposition
-4 to +7 (Half steps)
Playback Transposition
-24 to +24 (Half steps)
Master Tuning
415.3Hz-466.2Hz (0.1Hz steps)


7 (Playback)
Note Storage
Approx. 40,000 notes
Song Length
Max. 999 measures
Quarter note = 20-500
120 ticks per quarter note
Realtime (Replace)
Track Mute, Channel Mute, Lyric Display


2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
10 levels
4 types


Disk Format
3.5 inch micro floppy disk 2HD (1.44 M byte), 2DD (720 K byte)
Max. 99 songs
Playable Format
Music Atelier original format, Standard MIDI Files(format 0/1) for GM2/GM/GS/XG, Roland Piano original format (i-format), Music Style Disk (MSD/MSA Series)
Music Atelier original format, Stadard MIDI Files (format 0)


Rated Power Output
20 W + 20 W
16 cm x 2 (Full Range)


16 characters x 2 lines (backlit LCD), Bouncing Beat Indicator


Headphones jack (stereo), Audio Output jacks (L/mono, R),
Audio Input jacks (L/mono, R), MIDI connectors (In, Out), AC Inlet

Power Supply

Power Consumption
65 W


Simulated Mahogany


Owner’s Manual, 3.5 inch micro floppy disk (2HD, Blank Disk), Music Style Disk, Power Cord, Keyboard Cover, Note Label


Bench, Stereo Headphones

Size and Weight

Width (W)
1,230 mm48-7/16 inches
Depth (D)
515 mm20-5/16 inches
Height (H)
1,060 mm41-3/4 inches
49 kg108 lbs. 1 oz.

All specifications and appearances are subject to change.


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