Connect your iPhone and electronic instruments wirelessly!

What is Roland Wireless Connect?

With wireless connectivity between Roland products and your iPhone/iPad, Roland Wireless Connect provides a new world of enjoyment with your electronic instruments.
Use the iPhone/iPad apps and a wireless USB adaptor to enhance your skills and enjoyment ― from recording and practicing to participating in online worldwide rankings.

Use supported apps and expand your network of fun.

Connect your iPhone/iPad and electronic instruments wirelessly!


Supports a variety of instruments.

Supports a variety of instruments.

Roland Wireless Connect supported instruments

*Make sure your instrument is updated with the most current OS.
Some models may require a system upgrade.
*Please refer to each application page to know what instruments are supported.
Synthesizers FA-08FA-06JUPITER-80JUPITER-50INTEGRA-7
JUNO-DiJUNO-GiLucina AX-09
Arrangers BK-3BK-5BK-5 ORBK-9
Combo Organ V-Combo VR-09
Digital Pianos RD-800RD-700NXRD-300NXFP-80
V-Drums TD-30TD-15TD-11
V-Accordion FR-1xFR-1xbFR-8xFR-8xb
V-Mixer M-480M-200i

Easy connection to the USB jack on your instrument

Easy connection to the USB jack on your instrument

Simply connect the WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adaptor to the USB port of your supported Roland instrument, and launch the iPhone/iPad app mentioned above.

*Internet connection and wireless LAN access point required.
WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adaptor
(This App cannot be used in countries where the WNA1100-RL USB Wireless Adaptor is unavailable. To confirm availability, please contact the Roland Group or authorized Roland distributor in your country.)

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