Your First Audio Interface

Record a song
TRI-CAPTURE is our top recommendation if you want to record vocals.
This interface is perfect for aspiring singers.
The bundled software supports recording and editing functions.

Mic input for vocal recording
If you want to record your vocals in high-quality audio, be sure to use a condenser mic, which can capture all the expression and dynamics of your voice. Also, choose an audio interface that has a mic input (XLR) jack and mic preamp (with phantom power to support a condenser mic). TRI-CAPTURE delivers audio quality that leads its class. It's ideal for recording and sharing, and great for songs and live spoken-word broadcasts.

Wide variety of input types
There is variety of jacks to accommodate your input sources, such as XLR for microphones, 1/4-inch for guitars, and RCA for audio devices. More input-jack types let you connect a wider variety of instruments and devices.
Before you buy, be sure to check the connectors on the devices you want to record.

EZ operation, no guesswork
While recording gear has become much easier to use over the years, many beginners still feel intimidated.
The simple design of Roland's TRI-CAPTURE interface — equipped with only the minimum number of buttons and knobs to get the job done — is great for first timers.

Convenient USB bus power
CAPTURE-series interfaces are USB bus powered so they can run solely on power supplied from your computer. Connection is simple too. All you need to connect a CAPTURE interface to your computer is a standard USB cable.
These interfaces are great for mobile use since you don't have to worry about power. And of course, if you use a CAPTURE interface at home, there's less clutter because it needs no AC adapter.

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