Your First Audio Interface

Record an entire band
With 10 inputs and 10 outputs, OCTA-CAPTURE gives you the ability to record your band simultaneously.
Support for multiple inputs sets this model apart.
Bundled music-production software lets you record your band live.

Multi inputs, simultaneous REC
You need a large number of mics to record a drum kit or a band all at once, therefore your audio interface will need as many audio inputs as the number of mics you want to use.
This being the case, you should choose a model with enough inputs to support the number of mics or instruments you want to record.

Built-in microphone preamp
A mic preamp is designed to amplify the sounds captured through a microphone for clear, natural audio fidelity. A high-quality mic preamp is an indispensable tool for high-quality capture.
Audio interfaces equipped with Roland's high-performance VS PREAMP deliver first-class performance. The VS PREAMP is made of high-quality professional-grade components that deliver purity and clear sound that surpasses the competition.

Automatic volume-level setting
The first step in making a great-sounding recording is to set the ideal input levels. But if you're thinking, "How do I find the right level?" or, "It takes too much time," and, "It's too much of a hassle," then the AUTO SENS feature, which adjusts the input levels automatically, is perfect for you.
This feature analyzes the changes in volume and sets the appropriate input levels while you do a short rehearsal. It's fully automatic so beginners can easily use and enjoy this feature.

Natural latency-free recording
Latency is a common, dreaded problem with computer recording. It's the slight delay that occurs between the live sound you play and the sound that returns to your ears.
To counter this problem, audio interfaces equipped with Roland's VS STREAMING low-latency technology eliminate this pesky problem. VS STREAMING lets you record more comfortably and naturally than ever before.

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