Your First Audio Interface

Make songs on the road
DUO-CAPTURE is the perfect interface for mobile recording.
It's portable, solidly built, and ready to travel.
Bundled music-production software is great for making songs.

Perfect for users on the go
If you're planning to record or produce music outdoors or in a remote setting, ask yourself if the interface is compact and streamlined enough to transport.
Roland's DUO-CAPTURE is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around. Use it with your laptop to create a lean, clean mobile-recording rig.

EZ operation, no guesswork
While recording gear has become much easier to use over the years, many beginners still feel intimidated.
The simple design of Roland's DUO-CAPTURE interface — equipped with only the minimum number of buttons and knobs to get the job done — is great for first timers.

Convenient USB bus power
CAPTURE-series interfaces are USB bus powered so they can run solely on power supplied from your computer. Connection is simple too. All you need to connect a CAPTURE interface to your computer is a standard USB cable.
These interfaces are great for mobile use since you don't have to worry about power. And of course, if you use a CAPTURE interface at home, there's less clutter because it needs no AC adapter.

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