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Consolidated Net Sales FY 2013(Ended March 31, 2013)

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Electronic Musical Instruments Business

Electronic musical instruments Sales of electronic drums increased year on year due to strong sales of new products in North America, Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, sales of synthesizers decreased year on year because sales of existing products were weak overall, in spite of robust sales of new products, including sound modules, in the major markets of Japan, North America and Europe. Also, sales of stage pianos decreased sharply year on year because demand hit a peak.
Guitar-related equipment As for guitar effects, sales were strong in Asia but weakened substantially in North America, Japan and Europe. As a result, overall sales decreased year on year.With respect to multi-track recorder products for guitars, sales declined significantly due to weak sales of existing products.
Home electronic musical instruments With regard to keyboards with automatic accompaniment, sales of new products for foreign countries increased substantially year on year in Asia and were robust in regions such as Europe also. As for digital pianos, a mainstay product, sales were strong in North America as a result of strengthening distribution measures, but sales decreased significantly year on year in Japan due to the trend toward lower prices in the market. In addition, sales declined year on year in Europe and Asia too, due to stagnant sales.
Professional video, professional audio and computer music equipment With regard to professional video equipment, sales were flat year on year due to robust sales of new products of multi-format video switchers. As for professional audio equipment, sales decreased year on year against a backdrop of decreased corporate capital expenditure in North America and Europe. In computer music equipment, sales of music production software and peripheral equipment fell year on year.
Others Sales in music schools were stagnant due to a decrease in student membership stemming from the declining birth rate. Meanwhile, sales of sound engines for online karaoke machines in Japan were robust throughout the year due to the impact of the launch of new products, thus substantially pushing up sales year on year.

Computer Peripherals Business

Computer Peripherals Business Regarding printers, sales were strong because the impact of new products of UV printers and desktop size solvent printers introduced in the previous fiscal year persisted. Although sales of 3D products were slightly lower year on year due to decreased incentive for capital expenditure, sales of supplies were higher year on year as a result of robust sales of inks in countries such as Japan which saw a recovery in domestic demand and the United Kingdom where demand arose because of the London Olympic Games.

By region, sales of UV printers introduced in the previous fiscal year were robust in North America and Japan. In Europe, on the other hand, sales were sluggish due to the deterioration of economic conditions in the Southern Europe region and the impact of appreciation of the yen. Furthermore in Korea, sales fell sharply owing to the impact of the change of the sales system, and in China too, sales decreased year on year as a result of a slowdown in the pace of economic expansion and intensification of competition with local manufacturers.