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The materials included on this website as INVESTOR RELATIONS (for shareholders/investors) are intended for providing financial and management data of Roland Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively "the Company"), and not for soliciting investments. Please make your investment decisions at your own discretion. Neither the Company nor the informant will be liable for any damage incurred based on information included on this website.

This website may contain only some part of the information disclosed by the Company, or wordings different from those disclosed in other manners. Please also understand that the contents may be changed or disused without notice.

The Company, though paying due attention in posting information on this website, will not guarantee in any manner the accuracy or adequacy of update timing of such information. The Company will not be liable for any damage resulting from your use of, or failure to use, this information.

Any "statement regarding future prospects" included on this website is made based on information available at the time of preparation, and actual results may differ from these prospects depending on economic conditions and changes in market forces.

Please do not rely thoroughly on these prospects in examining the Company's performance and corporate value, etc.