PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer
Special Offer


Special offer for SYSTEM-1/SYSTEM-1m owners.
Please have the "SYSTEM-1/SYSTEM-1m PLUG-OUT Information" card included in the SYSTEM-1/SYSTEM-1m package at hand.

*The special offer price is shown automatically for customers who have already registered "Your Product Key" at Roland Account Service / Roland Content Store.

  • SYSTEM-1


    Sounds with character and loads of controls in a PLUG-OUT capability.

  • SYSTEM-1m


    Semi-modular PLUG-OUT synthesizer with CV/GATE and Eurorack compatibility

    When using PLUG-OUT software synthesizers with the SYSTEM-1m, please make sure to use the latest system firmware as well as the latest PLUG-OUT software synthesizer version.

PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizers

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