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  • A growing number of the most iconic synthesizers are now available as plugins for your favorite DAW – and they're the most astonishing recreations of classic Roland instruments you've ever heard. Created with an obsessive attention to detail, the Roland Software Synthesizer plugins are perhaps the most lifelike, true-to-analog software synthesizers available… and that's just the beginning.
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Sound and Fury

  • “At the heart of each Roland Software Synthesizer is our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. ACB faithfully captures the sound and feel of our most revered classics, by carefully analyzing the structure and behavior of the original analog circuits to recreate every nuance and finer design details. This technology creates a fusion of beautifully classic and utterly modern synth tones that live and breathe – just like the originals.”
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  • BT


    “People know I am quite the analog enthusiast – I have been collecting and using vintage synths since I was a kid. The difference between real analog synthesizers and most other software instruments is staggering. The reason most people accept this is because they’ve never touched the real thing. I have an SH-09, SH-02 and SYSTEM-100 and can tell you without exception; these Plug-Out synths are the closest thing to owning the real instrument possible. Additionally, there are tons of features that the vintage stuff doesn’t have. Blinding work by the Roland team. Amazing stuff.”

  • Daniel Avery

    Daniel Avery

    “Whilst Roland have made some of the most iconic pieces of hardware throughout the years, it’s their desire to look to the future that I respect the most.

    The dedication gone into making the Plug In/Out setup means that classic sounds can be used easily with modern technology and techniques to create something new. It feels intuitive and exciting.”

  • Hisashi Saito

    Hisashi Saito

    “Roland Plug-in vintage synthesizers, which are revived with ACB technology, gave us a big influence. It’s same to me even I stick to use hardware equipments for producing music. The line up for AIRA plug-in is almost the same vintage synthesizers collection which is set up in my studio. I am very happy to manipulate multiple device, like SH2, SH101, PROMARS, SYSTEM100, SYSTEM1 at the same time, and I can bring them for live performances without back pain!

    Also, it is great that I don’t have to make them hospitalized for maintenance. Now I can send all my vintage synthesizer collection, which occupied my studio, to the museum. My family will be happy about this!

    I have made 25 demo tracks using only Roland Plug in vintage synthesizer. I didn’t even use rhythm machines like TR8 for SH2, SH101, PROMARS, and SYSTEM100. I made all drum, base, lead, and SE sounds with one kind synthesizer and recorded one by one. (Of course, all the sound effects are from the same plug in) I could forget the time and just gave myself entirely to make sounds. It’s the ultimate equipment, and it is the AIRA Plug in software.”

  • King Britt

    King Britt

    “I have collected Roland gear since '85 and have always held the company in high regard. The AIRA series of hardware is exciting as usual, but the whole idea of Plug-In/Out is genius!

    Combining software with hardware is absolutely perfect! I can now tweak my SYSTEM-1 with the SH-101, PROMARS, SH-2 Plug-Out… and take these sounds on the road. The sounds are so spot on, I feel like the missing member of Depeche Mode!

    They all are unique and close to the original but the SH-101 is dear to me though. I used the original all over my Fhloston Paradigm album and now with this Plug-Out I can take the vibes in my backpack.

    Now all of my other hardware are jealous!”

  • Kuniyuki


    “I began using analog synths in the 80s and I familiarized myself with the subtle changes in tone that are unique to analog synths. When I first used the “OSC Octave Pitch” on the SH­2 plugin, I was truly blown away by how it replicated the subtle wavering in the tone's pitch when I brought the octave up or down.

    “Also, on PROMARS and SYSTEM¬100, it's not an overstatement to say that the uniquely analog features, like the unexpected subtle pitch fluctuations that you would get on the LFO or by routing different patches, are pure analog; through and through.”

    “I think, as a musical instrument, the quality of ACB technology defies all attempts to categorize it into the plugins category, and it represents the pursuit of reality and the future.”

  • Lamer Mitchell (Stevie Wonder)

    LaMar Mitchell (Stevie Wonder)

    “I think with the AIRA Plug-Out system, Roland has carefully listened to both studio producers and live performers of today's music, and created one of the most powerful platforms for synthesis today.

    So far, the “fatness” of the PROMARS Plug-Out synth is one of the biggest and thickest tones from a module I've heard. Ever! The rareness of this instrument alone makes it just incredible to reminisce over what it was like to have this powerful synth under your fingers!

    …and of course, Roland nailed every detail of the circuitry and every nuance of the sound.”

  • Richard Devine

    Richard Devine

    “The Roland SYSTEM-100 Plug-Out Synthesizer is a dream come true for me. I had long lusted after getting an original SYSTEM-100, but it was always hard to find and expensive. With the software version, Roland have exceeded all of my expectations; the sound is so accurate, and the addition of the modular routing capabilities puts this high on my want list. After playing with it for a few minutes, I was completely blown away by the sound quality and the ease of virtual patching. You can get such a wide palette of different sounds from this synthesizer. Highly recommended for those who want a system that gives you tons of options for sound design and making textured musical sounds.”

  • Thomas gandey

    Thomas Gandey

    “The Roland AIRA Plug outs are a dream come true: Rock-solid and invaluable in my live show and studio set up. I still have my hardware, but to have the SH-101, SH-2, PROMARS, SYSTEM-1 and SYSTEM-100 all in one place as plugins is a must for serious electronic producers. If I’m on the road, I can have the same pioneering hardware sound at my fingertips and am able to recall my favourite patches on such a fluid and beautiful interface.”


Meet the family

From the instantly recognizable thump of the SH-101's bass to the alien landscapes of the SYSTEM-100, Roland's family of Software Synthesizers puts legendary classics and rare gems within easy reach as VST and AU plugins. Plus, new instruments like the SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer stake out new ground with 12 oscillator types, cross modulation, and variable "color" control.


Modern Recreation Of The Legendary SYSTEM-100

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Product Description


The SYSTEM-100 Software Synthesizer is a modern reproduction of the now-legendary semi-modular monosynth from 1975. It integrates the features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander units, resulting in an incredibly fat and uniquely versatile two oscillator monosynth with modular routing capabilities. Modular Monosynth.
Created in 1975, and both distinctive and sought-after to this day, the SYSTEM-100 broke new ground for monosynths. In addition to its ultra-fat oscillators and creamy filters, it had modular patching capabilities, vastly increasing the sound design options. Pairing a Model 101 Synthesizer with a Model 102 Expander gave you two VCOs and two LFOs to work with, as well as Sample and Hold, Ring Modulation and a Noise Generator that all worked seamlessly together. With the addition of its modular routing capabilities, the SYSTEM-100’s sonic palette was staggering - effortlessly turning out the fattest of bases, in-your-face sync leads, dense textures, and exotic soundscapes.

The New SYSTEM-100

The sound of the new SYSTEM-100 Software Synthesizer plugin, perfectly reproduces the legendary instrument and is brought to life with Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB). ACB faithfully captures the sound and feel of our most revered classics, using original design specs, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit. The accurate sound and behavior of the plugin also sees a number of modern additions that improve upon the original design.

The features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander combine into a single interface, allowing you to use both VCOs, both LFOs, S&H, Ring Mod and so on with no patching. Of course, the signal path can be altered, and parameters modulated by connecting cables between the patch points. A new 14x15 Routing Matrix makes for super-quick patching with all connections still visually reflected as patch cables on the SYSTEM-100’s control panel. You can toggle patching on/off as well as quickly see the entire signal flow with convenient buttons right above the Routing Matrix.

There are dual ADSR envelopes (VCF and VCA) and the advanced pattern generation of the Scatter equipped Arpeggiator. Six arpeggio types with six step settings combine with variable Scatter type and depth to create a seemingly infinite selection of patterns. A lush phaser with modulation inputs joins the superb reverb and delay, creating an effects section perfectly suited for synth sounds.


Sounds with character and loads of controls in a PLUG-OUT capability.

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Product Description


Get all the sonic power and versatility of the acclaimed SYSTEM-1 synthesizer in a VST and AU compatible plugin. Like the SYSTEM-1 hardware, this software version breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and a vast palette of stunning sounds. It has the bold, unmistakable character associated with Roland synthesizers for over four decades. For SYSTEM-1 hardware owners, the software provides advanced editor/librarian functions and total DAW integration. For in-the-box producers, it delivers the mighty sound of the SYSTEM-1 without the need for hardware.

Future Classic

Since its release, the SYSTEM-1 has received worldwide acclaim for its ability to dish out an astonishing array of synth tones, from vintage to modern. Spend a little time with its intuitive controls and you’ll quickly appreciate the ability to dial-up all manner of instantly usable sounds that sit perfectly in a mix. Thumping basses, glistening arps, warm pads, plucked synths, lo-fi effects. We’re talking desert island synth.

At its heart is our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, which we use to carefully analyze the structure and behavior of analog circuits and then faithfully recreate them down to the finest details. This technology fills the SYSTEM-1, creating a fusion of beautifully classic and utterly modern synth tones that live and breathe.


Complete replica of the rare PROMARS synthesizer

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Product Description


The PROMARS Software Synthesizer plugin is a complete reproduction of the rare and powerful PROMARS synthesizer first released in 1979. With two detunable VCOs and two sub-oscillators per voice, the PROMARS is easily one of the most deep and rich sounding monosynths ever created.

Big Little Brother

The original PROMARS was a sibling of the legendary JUPITER-4, and often mistaken as simply a monophonic version, but the PROMARS was much more than that. While the JUPITER-4 had one VCO and one sub-OSC per voice, the PROMARS had two of each. The pitch of the two VCOs could be slightly detuned to produce a unison chorus effect, and a sub-OSC was provided on each VCO. The PROMARS had the ability to produce sounds similar to a four-VCO synthesizer, sounding positively huge, and is practically the definition of big, fat synth tone. While not as famous as the JUPITER-4, the thick sound and “compu-memory” function that allowed sounds to be stored and recalled, made it a highly regarded instrument with a unique place among the classic Roland monosynths.


With the new PROMARS Software Synthesizer plugin, the sound of this rare, vintage instrument is perfectly reproduced with Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. ACB faithfully captures the sound and feel of our most revered classics, using original design specs, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit. While the sound and behavior is reproduced with total accuracy, we couldn't help but improve a few things in this new version. The VCOs have increased range settings, the LFO has a “Random” waveform setting, and the Noise and and Pulse Width sections have full range control of those parameters. Like our other Software Synthesizers, the PROMARS has great-sounding effects and an advanced arpeggiator section.


Complete replica of the classic SH-2 synthesizer

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Product Description

The SH-2 Software Synthesizer plugin is a total reproduction of the classic SH-2 Synthesizer from 1979. Renowned for its raw vintage tone, the SH-2's dual VCO plus sub oscillator configuration dishes out devastatingly fat basses, edgy leads, and wild effects.

In the late 1970s, synthesizers were undergoing a significant transition with the development of polyphony and tone memory. As the world’s synthesizer manufacturers raced to develop these new technologies, Roland launched a seemingly basic monophonic synthesizer – the now classic SH-2.

Although it was released around the same time as Roland’s JUPITER-4, a pioneer of polyphonic synthesizers, the SH-2’s functionality was rather conservative compared to that of the JUPITER-4. But its uniquely designed configuration—which consisted of two VCOs and a sub-oscillator that essentially gave it three VCOs—was capable of extremely fat and warm analog synth tones. To this day, many synth aficionados feel it produces the most earth-shaking, bone-rattling synth bass sounds of all time.

Everything has been reproduced exactly; from the VCF which is capable of self-oscillation, to the attack and long decay characteristics of the steep envelope. The unique harmonic makeup and pitch wavering are present, as are the complex interactions between parameters that result from the original analog circuit design. Even behaviors that occur only in analog circuitry are accurately reproduced, like the subtle effect on tonality when the user tweaks parameters unrelated to the actual tone being produced.


Complete reproduction of the iconic SH-101

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Product Description


The SH-101 Software Synthesizer plugin is a complete reproduction of the iconic SH-101—right down to the fine details and odd quirks that make it one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time. The now legendary SH-101 was a monophonic synthesizer launched by Roland in 1982. In contrast to the many complex synthesizers available at the time, the SH-101 quickly became popular for its characteristic tone and simple one-VCO › one-VCF › one-VCA › one-LFO structure. A legion of artists found it quick to program and adept at bright edgy tones and exciting sound effects. Thirty years later, the SH-101’s hallmark sounds continue to be sought after by electronic artists the world over.


The Roland Software Synthesizers provide every musician seamless integration, from your DAW in the studio to the stage with your hardware. Layer multiple tracks with Roland Software Synthesizer plugins – available in VST and AU in your DAW – or take advantage of the knob-per-function hardware control, stand-alone portability, and semi-modular patching capabilities in the AIRA SYSTEM-1 synthesizer and SYSTEM-1m semi-modular synthesizer.

Connect a SYSTEM-1/1m to your computer and it becomes a dedicated controller, only lighting the appropriate knobs and sliders pertinent to plugin. Transfer sounds back and forth between the hardware and software, and even use the SYSTEM-1/1m as a high-quality audio and MIDI interface.

Break free entirely and Plug-Out directly to the SYSTEM-1/1m, creating a stand-alone hardware Roland synthesizer with real physical controls that can go anywhere and doesn't require a computer.

With the SYSTEM-1m, you can even use the physical audio and CV/Gate patch points on the hardware with any of the available Plug-Out synths. This means semi-modular versions of classic Roland synths are now possible. Pairing a Plug-Out synth with the SYSTEM-1m gives you dedicated high-resolution controls, and both virtual and physical routing and modulation capabilities.

Prepare for a world of sounds never imagined with this fusion of classic analog and ground-breaking technology. The results are simply mind-bending.