MX-1Version up information

MX-1 Version 1.04

An Ableton mode was added.
You can control the following main functions under Ableton Live from the MX-1.

USB Connection

Details of Live Mode

  • Session View Clip and Scene Launching with Stop Clips
  • Mixer Functions including Track volumes, Sends, Record Arm, Solo and Mute
  • Arrangement View Record
  • Hot swap between Ableton Live and Performance modes
  • Tempo sync between Ableton Live and MX-1
  • Flexible audio routing to integrate MX-1 FX sequencer and external devices with Ableton Live

More Information

Unified recording, clip launching and performance mixing for Ableton Live

The MX-1 Mix Performer's "Live Mode" takes its forward-thinking approach to mixing and formidable audio interface capabilities and blends it with the ability to fully control Live's clip and scene launching as well as track selection and monitoring. The result is a unified environment that lets you naturally mix hardware and software, record any input directly to clips, launch clips and scenes, apply hands-on, step-sequenced effects, and even take the whole thing to the stage where you can really play Live. And if you already use a controller like Push, the MX-1 integrates perfectly, expanding the capabilities of both, and opening up new possibilities for your music.

  • 18 channel high-resolution audio/MIDI interface
  • Transport, and tempo control of Live with fine, shuffle, and tap-tempo functions
  • Clip and scene launching in Live using TR-style, step-sequencer buttons
  • Hands-on control of Live's sends from MX-1
  • Three kinds of step-sequenced Beat FX (Filter, Side Chain, Slicer) with TR-style buttons
  • Six kinds of Master FX (48 variations) with large performance control knob
  • Beat FX and Master FX can be applied to any or all inputs; Beat FX are per channel
  • Combi mode rhythmically alternates the Master FX using the step-sequencer
  • Four AIRA Link USB ports for audio, MIDI, sync, and bus power of compatible gear
  • DJ-style cue monitoring, quick mutes, and six fader curves per channel
  • Per-channel Tone/Filter knob with ten kinds of EQs, filters, and isolators
  • Instantly save and recall complete setups including all FX configurations

18-channel interface and performance mixer

The MX-1 supports 18 channels of high-resolution audio and MIDI both in and out of Ableton Live. With six analog inputs, four AIRA Link ports and MIDI over both five-pin DIN and USB, it's easy to send any kind of audio or MIDI directly to Live for recording, or any Live clip or track to the MX-1 for playback and processing. Any physical input can be routed to or from any track, and with the MX-1's new clip launch capabilities, it's easy to capture your most inspired moments. Record a hardware synth or guitar from the 1/4" analog inputs, a tablet or modular system from the 1/8" input, or a TR-8 or other AIRA Link compatible device directly over USB. Route any track from Live to any of the MX-1's channels, each with six kinds of fader curves and ten kinds of filter and tone control settings. Apply step-sequenced Beat FX, mix it in with other hardware instruments or Live tracks, and run it all through the highly-playable Master FX section. All over a single USB cable.

Ready to launch

"Live Mode" is an extension of the MX-1's "External Mode", allowing you to instantly switch between controlling the MX-1's on-board mixing and effects to Live's clip and scene launching and track control. Using the MX-1's TR-style step-sequencer buttons, you can record-arm tracks and clips to capture any of the MX-1's array of inputs. The sixteen TR-style buttons are highly-satisfying to work with and are RGB-colored (that's "Red, Green, Blue"), so you can easily see occupied slots and monitor a clip's current state. You can see up to sixteen clips or scenes at once and easily expand your view using the nearby data knob. Launching clips and scenes in conjunction with the MX-1's already kinetic sense of performance-style mixing feels so natural that you'll quickly wonder how you did it any other way.

One world

Together, the MX-1 and Live form a unified creative environment where portability doesn't have to mean sacrifice, and the differences between production and performance disappear. What you can do with just Live and the MX-1 itself is astonishing. Using the TR-style step sequencer to beat-slice clips with quick access to mutes for on-the-fly arranging and truly playable Master FX takes the typical software-only rig to a whole new level of creativity and performance capability. You even get DJ-style cue monitoring, a stereo send/return for integrating hardware effects, hands-on control of Live's software sends, and a configurable mastering effects chain. Adding hardware instruments to expand your studio sound or create a more dynamic live show is as easy as simply plugging them in. Once connected they can sync-up and integrate right in to your existing setup, ready to play their part. With the MX-1 and Ableton Live, recording, mixing, production and performance finally become one.

MX-1 the Digital Mixer for Keyboardists

USB Connection

Setup quickly and reduce cable clutter. AIRA Link sends high-resolution audio,MIDI, and synchronization over a single, readily-available USB cable.

USB Connection

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