Based on the legendary SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M, the SYSTEM-500 introduces a range of fully analog Eurorack modules inspired by two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. They include classic Roland oscillators, filters, envelopes and effects that can easily integrate into any existing Eurorack setup or form the centerpiece of a new modular system. Designed and built in the USA, each SYSTEM-500 module is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and extreme attention to detail. They sound as good as they look with classic character and modern reliability. And they're surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning a Roland modular synthesizer into reality.

SYSTEM-500 Complete Set

SYSTEM-500 Complete SetMade for Eurorack format, it's a complete system with multiple oscillators, filters and effects in a versatile custom case with top-quality patch cables.
It's perfect for your first modular synth or as the centerpiece of an expanding Eurorack system.

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Product Information



SYR-E84 Eurorack Case

SYR-E84 Eurorack CaseDurable eurorack case with super-clean, high capacity power supply.

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  • Roland SYSTEM-500 analog modular synthsPlay

    Roland SYSTEM-500 analog modular synths

    Watch Josh Holley, President of Malekko, along with Sven Miracolo and Enrico Cosimi assess the impact of the original SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100M synths from Roland, and discover how the new all-analog SYSTEM-500 was born after a chance encounter at the Tokyo Festival of Modular.

  • AIRA Effects Modular Customizer SoftwarePlay

    AIRA Effects Modular Customizer Software

    Discover the power and flexibility of AIRA modular effectors with the Modular Customizer software for iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows. Reconfigure, reprogram and repatch an array of virtual sub-modules including LFO, ADSR, FILTER, SAMPLE AND HOLD, TONE and many more. Just drag the modules, patch the cables and enter a new world of radical sonic exploration.

  • Roland goes modularPlay

    Roland goes modular

    Start Patching.

  • Control Voltage with the SH-101 PLUG-OUT for AIRA SYSTEM-1mPlay

    Control Voltage with the SH-101 PLUG-OUT for AIRA SYSTEM-1m

    Control Voltage is used in modular synthesizers and is the way in which each module interconnects and “speaks” to each other. One control voltage source can control any number of inputs like pitch, volume or cutoff, individually or all parameters simultaneously.
    The AIRA SYSTEM-1m semi-modular synthesizer allows you to control the synthesizer via external CV sources, like envelopes and LFOs. You can also control AIRA PLUG-OUT technology using control voltage, and control external gear using the same envelopes and LFOs as the original classic Roland synthesizers.

  • AIRA Start – SYSTEM-1m (a short tutorial)Play

    AIRA Start – SYSTEM-1m (a short tutorial)

    The AIRA SYSTEM-1m Semi-Modular Synthesizer is a powerful standalone instrument - the external inputs and the array of CV/Gate connections allow it to be re-patched and to interface with other modular synthesizer systems.

  • AIRA Start – AIRA MODULAR (a short tutorial)Play

    AIRA Start – AIRA MODULAR (a short tutorial)

    The AIRA Modular are the next-generation in modular synthesis. Each module can be re-programmed and recall patches using a virtual sub-modular system. This design allows you to customize each effect to your own personal modular system. The AIRA Modular includes:
    ・TORCIDO modular distortion effect
    ・BITRAZER modular crusher/filter effect
    ・DEMORA modular delay effect
    ・SCOOPER modular scatter/looper



    This AIRA Start video is an overview of the Version 1.2 update for SYSTEM-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer and SYSTEM-1m Semi-Modular Synthesizer. The latest version, now available for download, increases the number of user banks, allows for extension of pitch bend range and includes six new waveforms.
    Also available is the SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer Plugin that brings the powerful sounds of the SYSTEM-1 synthesizer to your DAW. Save patches direct from your SYSTEM-1 and load into your plugin, and vice versa. Use the SYSTEM-1 plugin as a library and get seven banks of preset patches.