A treasured collection of coveted classical sounds.
In the past, a great deal of preparation was needed before a classical instrument could be played. You had to carefully determine its placement and fine-tune its tone. With the Roland Classic Series instruments, all you have to do is simply plug the instrument in to enjoy high-quality sounds instantly. Each Roland Classic Series instrument is outfitted with a coveted collection of authentic, high-quality sounds. Best of all, you can switch from sound to sound with simple button presses.
Switch classical instrument pitches and tempraments with a touch of a button.
All models support classical pitches, such as the Baroque pitch (415Hz) and Versailles pitch (392Hz), as well as classical temperaments such as Werckmeister and Kirnberger. Switch tunings with a touch of a button to play pieces in the correct tunings used during the periods the pieces were written.
No tuning needed. Play with perfect sound,anytime, anywhere.
Acoustic classical instruments are delicate instruments that typically require careful tuning and maintenance. The Roland Classic Series instruments are based on digital technology that requires no tuning. Enjoy exquisite tones, authentic touch, and perfect tuning anytime. Since there’s no concern for detuning caused by temperature, humidity, or transportation, you can use these instruments on damp or rainy days, in open spaces without air conditioning, or on hot, brightly lit stages.
Lightweight and compact, with a beautiful, timeless look.
These instruments look and sound wonderful wherever they are placed. Their space-saving footprints make it easy to place in rooms large and small. Play in a wide variety of locations — from living rooms and lesson studios to cathedrals. The warm, wood finishes are exquisitely detailed, adding a sense of elegance to any room. Significantly lighter than acoustic instruments, Roland Classic Series instruments are convenient to transport. They are ideal for concerts, recitals, or any performances large or small.
No knowledge of classical instruments required. Easy to play , even if you are a digital-instrument novice.
All models are easy to use. You can begin playing instantly, even if you are not familiar with classical or digital instruments. Select sounds and adjust tone and tuning quickly and easily.
Complete vplume control and support for headphones.
Adjust the volume to suit any environment. Instantly increase the output to match other instruments. The possibilities are endless. Plug in headphones and practice in complete privacy. The sound quality remains perfect whether you adjust the volume up or down, or play through headphones.

Over the centuries, a variety of temperaments have been developed for musical instruments. As a result, the beautiful harmony in pieces of music written in different historical time frames can be played faithfully to the vision of their composers. With the Roland Classic Series instruments, you can easily switch between five temperaments that are often used in classical instruments such as pipe organs and acoustic harpsichord.

Equal temperament: This temperament equally divides each octave into 12 notes, just as in present-day pianos. This allows the notes to retain the same harmonic relationship even when transposed.
Werckmeister: This well-balanced temperament allows distinct harmonic relationships between notes. Somewhat similar to equal temperament, Werckmeister is relatively easy to use, and was widely used during Bach's time.
Kirnberger: While similar to Werckmeister, the harmonic relationships between notes are more distinct from each other. Transposition is somewhat difficult in this temperament. This temperament was used after Bach's time.
Vallotti: Similar to Werckmeister, this temperament is also close to equal temperament, with few restrictions on transposition.
Meantone: This temperament is often used for pipe organs. While it produces beautiful major thirds, only a limited number of key signatures can be played in this temperament. Consequently, transposition is quite restricted.