C-30 Product Information

Bring the splendid sound of Baroque music to life in your own home.Recreated as a modern instrument, the most advanced harpsichord yet is here.

During the resplendent days of the Baroque Period, the harpsichord was the keyboard instrument that colored music with its rich, distinctive tone.
Through the generations, it has continued to charm music lovers all over the world. Now, you can easily enjoy its sophisticated sound and elegant form in your own home.
While producing authentically exquisite centuries-old harpsichord sounds and drawing inspiration from 21st century ingenuity, the Roland Classic Series C-30 Digital Harpsichord uses digital technology to enhance playability and expressiveness. Whether you are a virtuoso or a novice, the C-30 makes it possible for you to spend as much quality time as you want with the harpsichord.



C-30 Classic Organ


• Decoration panel
• Picture board
• Damper pedal (DP-10)

Roland Classic Series provides you with the opportunity to step back in time and become wrapped in the music of the ages.
The simple and elegant styling suits modern interiors.

Taking up little space, the styling of the C-30 is modeled on the virginal, an ancient rectangular type of harpsichord. With an authentic wooden cabinet and a high quality mahogany finish, the traditional and simple styling will be right at home in a classic or modern interior. The period styling is enhanced by stained glass on the stand, and the decorative panel on the keyboard lid. From a range of optional alternatives, you can create the look you desire by customizing the stained glass and keyboard lid decoration.

Sensitive keyboard response ensures an authentic harpsichord playing experience.

When played, the newly developed harpsichord keyboard of the C-30 actually feels as if plectrums connected to the keys are plucking strings. Just as with an acoustic harpsichord, if you press with a delicately light touch, you get the same key movement that occurs before the plectrum plucks the string. By designing the keyboard with a long distance to the key pivots, better playability is assured because the touch on the key feels more or less uniform whether you press the key near the tip or further in. Just as on traditional harpsichords, the black keys have a distinctive tip shape with flat tops, and a matte finish to provide a comfortable feel. The amount of dip when you press a key, the sensation you get when the string is plucked, and the springy feel when you release the key are all as they should be on a harpsichord. Because such attention to detail has been given to the keyboard’s touch, you can enjoy and experience harpsichord playing as it was centuries ago.

Rich sound that lets you experience ancient tones.

When playing the C-30 you can easily switch between the built-in French and Flemish types of harpsichord. Both of these have four dispositions — 8’ I (back eight), 8’ II (front eight), 4’ (upper octave), and lute (buff mute) — and each disposition has its own dedicated selection button. You can play with a single disposition or layer more than one. Also, as well as sound sets for two types of small positive organs, a fortepiano is also built in. You can play the Baroque music of Handel and Bach on harpsichord and organ, and then change to fortepiano for the early Romantic music of Mozart and Beethoven. In your own home, you can experience playing this historic music with the authentic sound of different period instruments. On top of all this, the C-30 makes one more groundbreaking type of beautiful harpsichord sound available...

Dynamic harpsichord opens a new dimension of musical expression.

While the time-honored sound of the harpsichord is enchanting just as it is, the sound dynamics of traditional instruments cannot be varied by strength of key pressure. Neither do they have a damper pedal to control resonance. Legato and other techniques have not been possible until now. Inside the C-30, digital technology has enabled the harpsichord to be played with different sound dynamics. Answering the calls of a vast number of harpsichord lovers, digital technology has ushered in the possibility of a brand new kind of harpsichord music that just can’t be played on acoustic instruments.

No need for tuning. Ready to play anytime, anywhere.

Acoustic harpsichords are delicate instruments. They are even susceptible to going out of tune with a change of air. The digital C-30 doesn’t need tuning. And you can simply switch the pitch between Baroque (415 Hz) and Versailles (392 Hz). If, for ensemble playing, you need to match the C-30 to other instruments, fine pitch adjustments can be made. You can easily take the C-30 with you to group rehearsals and live performances. Even if the temperature and humidity vary, you can be sure that the pitch will remain accurate because it’s digital. Time-consuming maintenance is a thing of the past. Now, you can just turn on and play. This special feature of the C-30 is bound to make you, and your audience, very happy.

Use a single button to cycle between five different tuning methods.

As well as equal temperament, you can select Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti, and Meantone tuning schemes. Using one button it’s easy to change the tuning scheme according to the piece you are playing.

Adjustable volume lets the harpsichord hold its own in ensemble playing with modern instruments.

The ability to freely adjust the volume is one of the compelling advantages of the C-30. When playing ensemble music, you can even achieve a sound weighty enough to balance the power of the modern flute and recorder, or the violin and other loud instruments. When the volume is increased, the authentic harpsichord sound is still as captivating. Without extra help, the onboard speakers are capable projecting this magnificent sound to every corner of even a mid-sized concert hall. On the other hand, at home you can plug in headphones and play or practice as much as you like at any time.


The compact C-30 can be made even more portable by removing the legs and stand. You can easily transport the unit (25 kg) and stand (13 kg) in a standard-size car. Getting the instrument to ensemble rehearsals or concerts is easy.

Uniquely digital capabilities

• Use the reverb knob to add authentic resonance as if you were playing in a hall, church, or salon.
• Use the tone knob if you want to adjust the brightness of the sound.
• You can use the standard damper pedal to switch between two sound sets. When playing you can switch between the sounds of two different instruments or, as with a dual-manual harpsichord, you can change the string combination phrase by phrase.