C-230 Product Information

Classic Organ, Harpsichrd, Fortepiano...Enjoy Your Favorite Classical Instrument Anytime, Anywhere.

From classical organs and harpsichords to forte-piano and celesta….
The period between the 14th and 18th centuries was a remarkable era for keyboard-instrument development. With its compact and aesthetically pleasing design, Roland's C-230 classic organ lets you enjoy the allure of the positive organ and other classical instruments at home or concert hall without the hassle or expense of vintage acoustic instruments. Experience the elegant sounds of classical Europe.


C-230 Classic Keyboard


• Satellite Speaker x 2
• Decoration Panel x 2

A diverse collection of coveted classics in one compact instrument.

Based on the positive organ* which was popular in the Baroque period, the C-230 has a wide range of classical instruments onboard, including the delicate and beautiful tones of harpsichord, fortepiano (an instrument that Beethoven is said to have used), and the adorable tones of celesta. The main sounds are accessible via dedicated front-panel buttons so you can instantly perform with your favorite classical instrument by simply pressing a button.

*Small pipe organ. These instruments were played in smaller churches and in the court.

Onboard tones
Organ (36 organs [9 buttons x 4 variations]),
8 organ basses [2 buttons x 4 variations],
4 harpsichord [8’ I, 8’ II, 4’, lute], 2 fortepianos, and 18 types of other instruments (celesta, chimes, etc) [2 buttons x 9 types].

Perform a variety of organ pieces with a wide range of tones.

The C-230 is equipped with nine types of organ tones, including four types of variations for each tone. Instantly select tones for different periods, regions, and styles with simple button operation. You can also combine multiple tones to create a diverse range of sounds. Use tones that match a variety of organ pieces.

Ideal for ensemble performances.Create beautiful harmony with other musicians or a choir.

With its ability to produce a wide range of classical instrument tones, the C-230 is a versatile addition to an ensemble. Blending with other instruments is easy, as the C-230 offers you all the latitude for adjusting volume and pitch. Create the perfectly balanced ensemble.

Create rich sounds as if playing in a church or hall

The C-230 is equipped with reverb processor and a dedicated knob for instant control. Add beautiful reverb to your performances that sounds as lush and grand as a cathedral. Adjust the ambience to your preference — from a small salon to huge hall without leaving your living room.

Compact and beautiful exterior.Detachable stand for portability.

The C-230’s beautiful cabinet is finished with a simulated mahogany finish that provides it a warm feel. You can also customize your stand with an optional stained-glass panel. In addition to being lightweight and compact, the C-230 allows the stand to be detached for easy portability. Perform in a wide variety of settings, including recitals and home parties.

While compact in size, C-230 delivers enough volume to fill a recital hall.It also creates a sense of spatial depth that's characteristic of pipes.

While compact in size, the C-230 and its built-in speaker are powerful enough to fill a medium-sized hall. Sound quality remains high whether played at soft or loud volume levels. Enjoy your performance with pristine audio quality. The C-230 also comes with satellite speakers for creating spatial, pipe-organ-quality soundscapes. Install the included satellite speakers in the ceiling or on the wall to experience a cascade of sound and reverberation.

Switch to pitches and classical temperaments with a touch of a button.

It’s like having a collection of classical instruments at your fingertips. The C-230 supports three types of pitches and five types of tunings used in classical music, including Baroque and Versailles pitches. Since you can switch between these with a touch of a button, you can choose different tunings for each piece you play.

Simple controls enhance creativity and musical enjoyment.

The number of buttons on the C-230’s front panel has been kept to a minimum to create an easy-to-use operation panel. The design and layout is logical and easy to understand at a glance. Even first-time users can enjoy stress-free playing.
Simply by pressing respectively marked buttons, you can choose tones, play back prerecorded pieces, or record your performances.

Equipped with a recorder for capturing your perfomances. Supports USB memory.

The C-230 has a built-in recorder for recording and playing back your performance. You can store your performance internally or on USB memory.*

*Roland’s USB Flash Memory key recommended.