C-200 Product Information

The beauty of live classical music unleashed.


C-200 Classic Organ


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A portable instrument that brings the great historical masterworks to life.

The C-200 makes great classical music easy to make anywhere, any time. Lightweight and simple to set up, it’s designed to go wherever the music is desired, whether it’s a choir room, a recital hall or a wedding chapel. The C-200 is equipped with 76 keys for fortepiano or piano performances, and offers dual-manual simulation for organ and harpsichord works. Practice or perform a broad range of music with the use of the optional 13-note, 20-note or 25-note pedalboard.

Sit down to a banquest of sounds to create authentic live classical music.

The C-200 has 60 sumptuous organ sounds that include all the major tonal families, including rich pedal stops to round out any registration. Explore the 24 orchestral voices for evocative arrangements with oboe, trumpet, harp, strings and chimes. Four harpsichord sounds plus fortepiano, piano and celeste complete the array of choices appropriate to an unparalleled selection of repertoire. With the touch of a button, chose one of five tunings (Equal, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti, Meantone). Pitch selections include four historic types and a master tuning dial adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz.

See at a glance what you've chosen with intuitive lighted controls.

It’s easy to learn to love playing the C-200. The console was designed with simplicity and elegance. Individually defined upper and lower sections with lighted tabs and buttons instantly identify active stops. Switch to harpsichord, fortepiano, piano or celesta with dedicated buttons. It’s also simple to assign the optional expression pedal to any division, or to connect an optional sustain pedal for piano performance.

Sensational sound is built in.

With a stereo speaker system built into the keyboard, the C-200 generates superb sound appropriate for chapels or cathedrals. Adjust the ambience effects to emulate a large hall or an intimate chamber, or activate the tremulant tab for gospel and theater organ sounds.

Don't let the music end.

With the simple, three-button song recorder, save perfomances for in-depth practice, instructor evaluation, or sectional rehearsals with a choir. STOP, PLAY/PAUSE and RECORD buttons are all you need. The C-200 also has eight memories for registrations, and a slot for USB memory storage.