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JUNO-Gi Insert Effects Guidebook


Interactive guidebook for iPad that features Roland's JUNO-Gi synthesizer.

  • JJUNO-Gi Insert Effects Guidebook
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JUNO-Gi Insert Effects Guidebook


● Video examples of using the BOSS insert effects

Watch movies showing examples of utilizing the BOSS powered insert multi-effects to their full potential, featuring performances by a pro keyboardist.

Pad: Create a pad sound with a wide feeling of space
Organ: Create an organ sound that cuts through the mix in a rock band
Guitar: Create a realistic electric guitar tone using an amp simulator

● Sound examples of using the BOSS insert effects

Listen to examples of the source live set and then the results of applying the insert effects.

Pad: Flanger, Reverb
Organ: Rotary, Amp simulator
Guitar: Amp simulator, Chorus (MFX)

● Step-by-step guide on using the BOSS insert effects

Experience the power of the insert effects with your JUNO-Gi by following the step-by-step procedure guide.

Compatible Products

  • JUNO-Gi

    Mobile Synthesizer with Digital Recorder


    Massive Soundbank + Multitrack Digital Recording.

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Compatible with iPad. iOS 3.2 or later.

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