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CUBE Story —Spirit and Technology

Pure, authentic tone

If you're looking for tone then the CUBE-XL series delivers, as they're powered by industry-standard BOSS effects. It's like having a load of BOSS compact effect pedals included, so you can create the tones you need. Also, Roland's renowned COSM technology recreates a host of classic amps and effects to give you some of the best sounds from the past few decades. And from the CUBE-20XL up, the JC-120 mode gives the classic smooth, warm tone that guitarists have loved since its introduction in 1975.

Practice? Perfect!

CUBE amps are ideal for practicing, since they're lightweight and easy to transport but go very loud when you need to crank it up. In fact, they're much louder and clearer than other practice amps and because they come with useful practice features like a built-in guitar tuner and a looper function (CUBE-80XL/40XL, CUBE-120XL BASS/60XL BASS), they're perfect for anyone learning guitar.

Designed to be used – day in, day out

The controls on a CUBE-XL amp are tough and durable. The shaft underneath each knob is made of metal so you can rest assured that they won't snap. Also, the controls are top-mounted, so you can always see your settings whether you're standing or sitting: essential for those long practice sessions.

Built to last

If build quality is important to you, then the custom-designed cabinet in each CUBE-XL amp brings several notable benefits. The baffle board slots into the sides of the amp, rather than being screwed and glued in, meaning that the amp's speaker cone can handle whatever you throw at it. Test it by cranking your CUBE-XL amp up to full blast. You won't hear any distortion at all, because the speaker housing is so secure, it doesn't vibrate within the amp. The edge protectors then protect the whole side of the amp rather than just the corners, adding to the strength of the amp.

Your amp needs to handle any accidental mishaps, so CUBE-XL amps have a metal grill to protect the speaker, and it helps to project the sound. The sealed cabinet design also helps protect the insides of the amp. Finally, the thinking, design and workmanship that goes in to CUBE-XL amps means that they hardly ever go wrong: they have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.