• KiNK / Aira Modular / TR-8 / RhodesPlay

    KiNK / Aira Modular / TR-8 / Rhodes

    KiNK session with Roland AIRA modular (Torcido, Scooper), TR-8 and a Rhodes piano. I use Torcido as a preamp and tremollo effect on the Rhodes, also as a modulation source for Scooper. I use Scooper as looper / sampler, I trigger Scooper`s sample start and Torcido`s LFO reset with TR-8`s rim shot. Rhodes piano as a sound source, drums - TR-8. Here are the modification files for both modules, if you want to use them like me:

  • AIRA Start – SYSTEM-1m (a short tutorial) Play

    AIRA Start – SYSTEM-1m (a short tutorial)

    The AIRA SYSTEM-1m Semi-Modular Synthesizer is a powerful standalone instrument - the external inputs and the array of CV/Gate connections allow it to be re-patched and to interface with other modular synthesizer systems.

  • AIRA Start – AIRA MODULAR (a short tutorial)Play

    AIRA Start – AIRA MODULAR (a short tutorial)

    The AIRA Modular are the next-generation in modular synthesis. Each module can be re-programmed and recall patches using a virtual sub-modular system. This design allows you to customize each effect to your own personal modular system. The AIRA Modular includes:
    ・TORCIDO modular distortion effect
    ・BITRAZER modular crusher/filter effect
    ・DEMORA modular delay effect
    ・SCOOPER modular scatter/looper