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Environmental incidents and/or lawsuits (Year 2013 / April 2012 - March 2013)
We have not had any environmental incidents that affected third parties. No complaints, lawsuits, fines, or penalties relating to the environment have been filed or assessed against Roland.
Environmental audit report (Year 2013)
Roland undergoes regular reviews by a third-party certification organization as well as internal audits to verify the effectiveness of our environmental management system based on ISO14001 requirements.
Results of third-party review (December 2012)
No non-compliant areas were found and 5 observation areas (opportunities for improvement) were cited. We immediately implemented remedial measures for those areas cited to ensure that our environmental management system is able to function effectively.
Internal environmental audit (February 2013)
CSR internal auditor verified that the environmental management functioned effectively at Roland without any non-compliant areas, any observation areas as opportunities for improvement, nor any matters pointed out as system problem.