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Environmental Principles

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We recognize that environmental conservation is a critical challenge shared by all humanity, and are committed to acting in ways that further environmental conservation in all of our operations relating to the manufacture of electronic musical instruments.

In order to conduct production activities centered around the design and manufacture of electronic musical instruments, and to provide products and services that are based on a conscious attention to reduce their environmental loads as well as ensure safety, we are committed to further our ongoing efforts to improve our environmental management systems and prevent environmental pollution.

To ensure the ongoing improvement of our environmental management systems and prevent environmental pollution, we will comply with environmental laws that are in effect in all market countries and other requirements that we have agreed on, as well as engage in our business operations based on the following focus themes:

1) Product assessment
  • We will push forward with development and design processes that reduce the environmental loads of our products.
  • We will strive to develop and design products that do not use hazardous chemical substances.
  • We will place all chemical substances used in the manufacturing process under proper control.
2) Environmental assessment
  • We will push forward with ongoing efforts to make efficient use of our resources, reduce industrial waste, and increase recycling.
  • We will strive to prevent pollution of our surrounding environment.

Kazuya Yanase
Director in charge of Environmental Management
Roland Corporation