About Roland

Brands and Business Domains

Trusted brand and product line-up was developed through state-of-the-art technologies and unfettered ideas.

Based on technologies that have developed over the years as the top brand in electronic musical instruments, Roland continues to expand its business domain through a "multi-brand strategy."


Roland is a comprehensive brand for sounds and images that offers a broad line-up of products including various electronic musical instruments such as digital pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums, etc. as well as professional audio/video equipment and computer music instruments.

  • Synthesizer[JUPITER-80]
  • Drums & Percussion[TD-30K]
  • Digital Piano[V-Piano Grand]
  • Organ [AT-900]
  • V-Accordion
  • Instrument Amp.[JC-120]
  • Professional Audio[V-Mixing System]
  • Professional Video[V-1600HD]
  • Computer Music-related Hardware[OCTA-CAPTURE]

BOSS is a brand that realizes the dreams of guitarists, from beginners to pros, with a broad line-up of products ranging from guitar effects based on state-of-the-art digital technology to digital recorders that allow users to produce pro-quality music.

  • Guitar Effects[COMPACT Series/GT-100]
  • Digital Recorder[BR-800]

A marriage between the tradition of "RODGERS," a prestigious brand of classical organs, and Roland's state-of-the-art digital technologies, this is a brand of classical organs whose stately and rich tone continue to allure organists worldwide.

  • Classic Organ[568/578/588]