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New Sounds, New Features, Free Download

One year after its triumphant debut, the world’s most expressive synthesizer evolves with a Version 2.0 software update. Features include a recharged cutting-edge sound set, dozens of newly enhanced effects, an Import Files feature, an enhanced user interface, and more. These new features strongly support sound design and live performance. Version 2.0 is available to all V-Synth® GT owners via free download.


Explore new dimensions of sound and performance with the V-Synth GT, the newest member of Roland's legendary V-Synth family.

This is not only the birth of a new synthesizer, it's the arrival of a bold new form of sonic expression unknown to musicians until now. Elastic Audio Synthesis has already captivated artists the world over. Now the V-Synth GT's multi-core engine supercharges your expressive power, and enables sounds to go even deeper. The power of AP-Synthesis and other innovative synthesizer technologies will give you the tools to break through into new realms of creativity. Delve in and explore unknown dimensions with the V-Synth GT!