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Enjoy the Favorite Movie

Watch videos that showcase the all lineup of V-Guitars.

Unlimited Sonic Possibilities — GP-10 Guitar Processor
GR-D V-Guitar Distortion — Performed by Alex Hutchings
Bold Distortion Tones for Modern Players — GR-D V-Guitar Distortion
GR-S V-Guitar Space — Performed by Alex Hutchings
Amazing Tones to Expand Your Sound Palette — GR-S V-Guitar Space
G-5A VG Stratocaster® — V-Guitar Versatility in an American-Made Strat
G-5 VG Stratocaster® — Steve Stevens Demo
V-Guitar — Fender Stratocaster® Powered by Roland
G-5 VG Stratocaster®: Powered by Roland COSM Technology
G-5 VG Stratocaster®: Performed by Alex Hutchings
GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster®: Equipped to Drive the GR-55 and VG-99
GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster® with GR-55: Performed by Alex Hutchings
GR-55 guitar synthesizer linked to a computer and BOSS RC-300 Loop Station
GR-55 — Robert Marcello Artist Patches
GR-55 — Jeff Loomis Interview
GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Herman Li Interview
GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Overview
Bubby Lewis on the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer
GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Overview
Steve Stevens on the Roland GR-55
GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Demo by Alex Hutchings
GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer Booth Demo at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011
GC-1, GR-55, and BOSS RC-300 Demo Performance
VG-99 in the studio — Part 1, 2
VG-99 in the studio — Part 3, 4, 5
VG-99 V-Guitar System: Interview Frank Gambale
VG-99 V-Guitar System Demo Part 1
VG-99 V-Guitar System Demo Part 2
VG-99 V-Guitar System Demo Part 3
VG-99 Winter NAMM 2007 Booth Demo by Paul Hanson
VB-99 V-Bass System: Gary Willis Interview
VB-99 V-Bass System: Derrick Murdock Interview
VB-99 V-Bass System: Darryl Jones Interview
VB-99 Demo Video

Listen to the Sound Preview

Select a product and/or category, and then listen to the variation of sounds.

G-5 Sound Preview
GR-55 Version 1.5 additional Patches: Lead
GR-55 Version 1.5 additional Patches: Rhythm
GR-55 Version 1.5 additional Patches: Other
GR-55 Sound Preview: Rock
GR-55 Sound Preview: Pops
GR-55 Sound Preview: Ballad
GR-55 Sound Preview: Various
GR-55 Sound Preview: Bass
VG-99 Sound Preview
VB-99 Sound Preview