V-Pad Sensor Construction Captures Impact Strength, Stick Position, and Stroke Interval

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Roland’s proprietary V-Pad sensors are an engineering marvel. They detect the slightest nuances of a performance, and transmit precise performance data to the module. In addition, a radial sensor-frame detects hits near the hoop and interacts with the center sensor in a uniform fashion. This allows the sensor to precisely sense performance information during rim shots and cross-stick performances.

Dual Mount option for Increased Versatility

Vertical Rot Stand

Horizontal Pipe System

The PD-128-BC and PD-108-BC have dual mount option that enable to two styles of mounts to be used. This allows you to use vertical rod stands in Roland’s series as well as horizontal pipe systems used in other commercially available tom stands. This gives you a broader range of options including these of other system hardware for your V-Drums setup as well as incorporating-Pads into your acoustic drum kit.

Rock-solid Metal Frame for V-Kick

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The KD-140-BC is a one-piece metal frame that provides pro-grade stability during performances. The tips of the legs can be switched between spikes and rubber stoppers to accommodate a variety of floor surfaces. The pedal plate has been improved so you can securely attach a variety of kick pedals, including double pedals.

Large-diameter V-Kick Pad Looks and Feels Great

The KD-140-BC’s oversized pad is perfect for twin-pedal performances and other power-packed poundings, with the-Drums know-how. The unique shape of the inside cushion provides an extra-wide dynamic response, ranging from gentle to powerful impacts.

Changing shell color is as easy as replacing drumheads

The V-Drums custom covering system lets you change the look of your kit with ease. The new V-Pad lugs are separated from the shell in a new configuration, which allows you to replace shell wrap with the ease of replacing drumheads.

* Option
Shell Wrap Package

Replace the V-Pad cover sheets (PD-128S-BC, PD-128-BC, and PD-108-BC)

Remove the tuning bolts, hoop, head, and frame. Next, loosen the screw with a Philips head screwdriver.

Remove the covering

Pull the fastening clips upward and remove the covering.

Attach the new covering

Insert a new covering and make sure there's no slack.

Replace the V-Kick cover sheet (KD-140-BC)

Remove the tuning bolts, hoop, and head. Loosen the two wing bolts.

Replace the covering

Replace the covering and make sure there’s no slack. Reattach all the other parts and you’re done!

Compatible Size of Covers
* For PD-128S-BC/PD-128-BC
mm: 77 (H) x 927 (W) x 1 (D)
inches: 3-1/16 (H) x 36-1/2 (W) x 1/16 (D)
* For PD-108-BC
mm: 77 (H) x 767 (W) x 1 (D)
inches: 3-1/16 (H) x 30-1/4 (W) x 1/16 (D)
* For KD-140-BC
mm: 120 (H) x 1,040 (W) x 1 (D)
inches: 4-3/4 (H) x 41 (W) x 1/16 (D)