V-Drums SuperNATURAL Sounds

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Roland's unique Behavior Modeling Technology accurately reproduces the behavior of each musical instrument, while the SuperNATURAL sound reproduces the reaction to techniques such as flams, rim shots, buzz rolls, and reverberation. SuperNATURAL brings sounds to life with true expression and a more comfortable, realistic feel.



Responding to a player's delicate, emotional performance techniques, SuperNATURAL provides natural, emotional expression that has not been possible until now. It's a bold new dimension of electronic/organic creativity.

Behavior Modeling Technology

By modeling the unique behavior of an instrument and the nuance as it's played (in addition to modeling the instrument itself), this technology enables incredibly natural and expressive sound. Unprecedented high-speed processing

Focus, innovation, dedication — Roland’s commitment to producing the finest and most innovative musical instruments

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Over the decades, we have remained committed to producing uncompromised expressive musical instruments, and V-Drums have been a crowning achievement. To enhance the power of V-Drums, we have focused on three key areas: (1) interface – V-Pads, V-Cymbals, V-Hi-Hat, etc.; (2) sensing – shot strength, positioning, accurate detection of impact; and (3) sound engine – expressiveness of the sound itself. With each element perfectly and delicately intertwined, and with priority given to providing a supreme playing experience for the drummer, V-Drums have become the undisputed world leader in electronic percussion.

Unprecedented high-speed processing

In order to translate the drummer's technique more precisely, the V-Drums sound engine features lightning-fast processing from impact to sound. The reaction is instant, accurate, and natural.

Authentic behavioral reaction to repeated hits

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When 16th-notes are played on a snare drum, for example, the vibration of the pad's surface affects each note's tone. By modeling these behaviors when hitting repeatedly, V-Drums can naturally translate rudiments such as press rolls, flams, paradiddles, and rim shots.

Expressiveness — Introduced and Performed by Dirk Brand

Performance feel and expression
* Snare (V-Pad)
The behavior (resonance, etc) of the snare when it’s hit in rapid succession has been fully modeled, which lets you play press rolls, flams, paradiddles, and rim shots with much more natural results. It also reproduces the smooth change in tone from head to rim shot, and variations in tone based on the depth of the rim shot.
* V-Hi-Hat
The playability of the hi-hats has evolved as well. Changes from open to close occur in a step-less, natural fashion. It gives you the power of detailed control, from slightly open to tightly closed, as well as forcefully pressed hi-hat playing.
* V-Cymbal
The crash cymbal responds to a complete range of techniques — from barely touching the cymbal to full impact. Also, when playing it in rapid succession such as when swelling, the sounds connect naturally and smoothly. The resolution of tonal differences depending on where you hit the cymbal has also been improved. With the ride cymbal, the force and location of the hit varies the tone naturally.