Wide variety of sounds

The wide range of preset drum kits is perfect for all styles of music, whether it be rock, jazz, hip-hop, or dance. Priority has been placed on developing sounds that are perfectly adaptable for use in the recording studio environment or on stage.

Stronger V-Edit capabilities, greater freedom to customize

With over 1,000 onboard sounds, whether they are acoustic drums—kicks, snares, cymbals and percussion—or electronic drums and special effects sounds, the V-Edit possibilities combined with the powerful onboard effects make it easy to create a unique and personalized kit for any musical style.

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* V-EDIT: Muffling Adjustment
Add a virtual “doughnut-style” muffler to the snare or a weighted-type muffler in the bass drum.

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* V-EDIT: Shell Material/Depth
Build your own virtual snare drum with COSM-modeled shell material. The depth of the kick and toms can also be changed.

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* V-EDIT: Mic Position
Choose the placement of your virtual microphones.

Powerful onboard effects

Each pad can have its own compressor and 3-band graphic EQ, just like in a recording studio. New multi-effects include insertion effects like the saturator or a flanger. And, as in the studio, the final sonic touches can be realized with a powerful stereo compressor and a 4-band master EQ.

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* PAD Compressor
A “compressor” is an effect that reduces volume peaks, by modifying the attack and release of the sound.

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An “equalizer” lets you adjust frequency ranges high, mid, and low.

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* Ambience Section
Modify the actual acoustics of the virtual space in which you’re playing the drums.

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Choose one of 21 different effects on a per-kit basis. Each sound has its own effect-send level.

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The DRY+MFX setting sends only the effect sound to the output, similar to insertion effects.

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The compressor can be used on a per-kit basis, or in a global way for the whole TD-30.

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The equalizer can be used on a per-kit basis, or in a global way for the whole TD-30.