Patented Mesh Head

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The V-Drums' patented mesh heads, co-developed with Remo Inc. (USA), have become a symbol of superiority. Development of the head was inspired by mesh material used in athletic trampolines. Ever since, through new refinements such as the overlaying of two mesh layers, these heads have been delivering both excellent feel, durability, and superb sound damping performance. These heads have changed the history of electronic drums.

Acoustically quiet for the ultimate private practice

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With their patented mesh heads and rubber-coated rims, the V-Pads and V-Kick trigger pads provide exceptional sound damping performance so you can practice at home without disturbing others.

Mesh heads delivers natural feel and comfort

Sound damping was not the only feature that we pursued in the development of our mesh heads. In order to express the subtle nuances of a performance, we examined a broad range of materials and playing types, in the process making improvements to the material and its thickness, among other factors. These heads are a product of exhaustive research and development in Roland Percussion Product Design Department.