How the drummer hears the kit and how the drum sounds are perceived within the music have been given priority, and by taking advantage of enhanced DSP power, we've created a new ambience section has been created. On the front panel of the TD-30 is a dedicated fader for controlling the overall ambience balance.

Listen to some of the TD-30’s ambience sounds.
1. All Off
2. Overhead Mic

For studio recording, placement of the overhead mics is a must to guarantee a natural presence and brightness in the sound.

3. Room Ambience

You can adjust the room size and the room mic position with a choice of spaces that include a concert hall, studio, club, arena, etc.

4. Reverb

A customized reverb has been specially created for the snare, kick, and toms, helping them to musically blend together and resonate naturally.

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Ambience Section

Overhead Mics