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  • Unfold and Play at the Gig

    With its innovative foldable design, the V-Drums Portable TD-4KP makes drumming more convenient and mobile than ever. It's a drummer's dream for transport and storage. And, with V-Drums technology at its core, it provides “no compromise” sound and playability.

    *Kick pedal and drum throne are not included.

  • Intensive Training in Your Room

    The compact design of the V-Drums Portable is perfect for homes, as it greatly minimizes the space needed for playing as well as storage. For students practicing at home, the Coach and Quick Rec functions will help improve their skills, especially during private practice sessions with headphones.

  • Quick Setup and Breakdown

    To set up, simply extend the stand, raise the pipe, rotate the pads, and power on to play. To break down, fold the kit with all pads mounted on the stand … it's incredibly fast and easy!

  • Innovative Kick Pad

    The kick pad and pedal plate are built in the rack. To set up, simply rotate them into the playing position. Enjoy the comfortable feel of the kick pad and the natural beater movement.

    *Kick pedal not included

  • Quick and Clean

    The V-Drums Portable kit is equipped with unique features for fast, easy setup. Quick Release enables instant positioning and folding of the cymbals with one-touch operation. Cable holders neatly bunch the cables as well as provide storage for a drum key or cable plug.

  • Expressive, Dynamic

    Dynamic sounds, cymbal chokes, delicate hi-hat nuances — V-Drums Portable provides a natural and comfortable drumming experience. The compact 7.5” drum pads are outfitted with a cushioned-rubber head; the dual-trigger 10” cymbal pads provide a sensitive, accurate response and playing feel.

    *The pads included with the TD-4KP do not support rimshots and cross stick. To enable rimshots and cross stick, replace the snare pad with an optional PDX-6 or PDX-8 V-Pad.

  • Improve Your Drumming Technique

    More than just great sounds onboard, V-Drums Portable is also equipped with built-in training programs. The Coach function helps you improve your drumming technique with five different modes: Warm Up, Time Check, Tempo Check, Quiet Count, and Auto Up/Down. Quick REC captures your drumming and lets you listen to the results — valuable for self-evaluation and improvement.

  • V-Drums Sound Quality

    The TD-4 sound module (included with the kit) is packed with world-class drum and percussion sounds. The sounds can be easily edited, as you can quickly and intuitively customize the kits with tuning/muffling buttons. Ambience effects can also be added to make the sounds more lively and dynamic.

  • Upgrade Options

    You can upgrade the snare with a V-Pad PDX-6/PDX-8 (optional), which provides a realistic mesh-head feel as well as rim-shot playability.

    *When you use the PDX-6/8 as a snare pad, a separately sold MDH-12 clamp is also required.

    Detailed explanation about Mesh Head in V-Drums INSIDE STORY.



Options for Playing the V-Drums Portable



Carrying Case


Conveniently transport and protect the TD-4KP with the CB-TDP carrying case. It features a shoulder strap and detachable pouches for the hi-hat and kick pedals, plus a handy pocket for beaters, sticks, and other accessories.



PDX-8(10-inch rim)



PDX-6(8.5-inch rim)


Pad Mount



Personal Drum Monitor


Features 2.1-channel speaker


V-Drums Accessary Package


The essential accessories for V-Drummers

Roland kick pedal, drum throne, and a pair of drumsticks



V-Drums Mat


Secure-Performance Mat


Drum Tutorial Software for V-Drums series

V-Drums Tutor DT-1

Enhance the V-Drums Experience in the Home

Connect your V-Drums Portable to your computer (Mac/Windows) and prepare for a learning experience like no other. Enjoy practice in a fun format when you play along with the onboard patterns and songs using the colorful graphical interface. Learn rumming step-by-step from beginning to intermediate levels.

* An optional MIDI interface is required in order to connect PC/Mac with V-Drums Portable.