Family Centerpiece

The HD-3 is a great way to enhance musical expression and enjoyment in your home. Used along with other popular instruments such as Roland's digital pianos, the HD-3 will serve as the nucleus for family fun and musical enrichment.

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  • Small Price, Big Performance

    Drum Kit List
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    Its footprint is small, but the HD-3 sounds and performs impressively large with 20 preset kits. Based on Roland's legendary V-Drums, this little kit is a dream for beginners, casual players, gamers, as well as for parents.

  • Designed for Low Acoustic Noise

    Beater-less Kick
    Beater-less Kick

    Since V-Drums Lite offers low vibration and low noise with its mesh head and eaterless kick, It's a dream to play at the home. Best of all, its volume level can be completely controlled via volume knob and/or headphones, you can play in privacy day or night without disturbing others.

    The newly improved beater-less kick drum provides an enhanced playing feel with low acoustic noise.

  • Easy Operation

    Simple to Use
    Simple to Use

    With its dedicated select buttons, informative backlit LCD, and easy-to-read controls, the V-Drums Lite is simple to use.

  • Compact and Stylish

    Thanks to its compact and attractive design, V-Drums Lite will compliment with any room.

    * With the specified drum mat.

  • For All Ages

    By only adjusting the height
    By only adjusting the height

    By only adjusting the height of the pads in an easy way, drummers of all ages can play in a comfortable position.

  • Quiet, Natural-Feel Mesh Head

    Cymbal Choke

    - Dual-trigger pads for snare and crash/ride to improve playability.

    - Metronome with selectable sounds and adjustable tempo

    - Mix input jack for connecting audio players.


Options for Playing the V-Drums Lite


V-Drums Tutor DT-1

Enhance the V-Drums Experience in the Home

Connect your Roland V-Drums* to your computer (Mac/Windows) and prepare for a learning experience like no other. Enjoy practice in a fun format when you play along with the onboard patterns and songs using the colorful graphical interface. Learn drumming step-by-step from beginning to intermediate levels.

* An optional MIDI interface is required in order to connect PC/Mac with V-Drums Lite HD-3.



2.1 Ch acoustic image

Personal Drum Monitor


Compact, Stylish Monitor with 2.1-Channel Speaker


V-Drums Accessory Package


Essential Accessories for V-Drummers

- Drum throne - Drum sticks - Audio cable
- Earphones



V-Drums Mat


Secure-Performance Mat for V-Drums Lite