V-Drums World Championship 2

Roland held the 2nd international V-Drums contest final at Musiklokal Südbahnhof on April 11, 2013, during the Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany. The 16 finalists won through the preliminary rounds in 36 countries with nearly 5,000 participants in the world, and Mr. Issah Contractor from Canada grabbed the crown of grand champion.

Please enjoy the 10-min digest video of the V-Drums World Championship 2 to check out all the 16 contestants' excellent performances and the award ceremony afterwards.
If you want to see each contestant full-length performance video, please click the following contestant portrait pictures to go into the browser of their local round and international final performances.

16 Filnalists

  • Issah Contractor

  • Jaime Edwin De la Rosa

  • Lars Nijman

  • Paul Kholodyansky

  • Doğaç Titiz

  • Nicolai Weißert

  • Diego Medeiros

  • Geoff Fry
    (United Kingdom)

  • Zoltán Csányi

  • Fredrik Olsson

  • Haruka Matsumoto

  • Patrick Kennedy

  • Zhi Long Chen

  • Jesús Gancedo García

  • Michele Villetti

  • Boris Massot

  • Award Ceremony

  • 1st Place Interview
    (Issah Contractor)

  • 2nd Place Interview
    (Jaime Edwin De la Rosa)

  • 3rd Place Interview
    (Lars Nijman)