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The "Artist Patch Collection" was created by world-famous musicians Richard Barbieri, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jordan Rudess, and Hisashi Saito.
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Artist Patch Collection

This patch data consists of 32 sound patches created by the following four famous artists.


You can load this data into the SH-201 by using the included "SH-201 Editor Librarian" software to transmit it from your computer via USB Download from below.


Richard Barbieri
Jean-Michel Jarre
Jordan Rudess
Hisashi Saito


Demo Song


by Jordan Rudess using refill Patches programmed by him.



Download (8KB)

To download, right click and select "Save Target As".
The download file contains the "SH-201 Librarian File" and the "Patch List".

Hisashi Saito (Japan)

An internationally known techno artist since the 1980s, Saito has appeared in countless clubs, perfomance venues, industry events, and seminars. He has offered research and development support to many musical instrument manufacturers, and he has written articles, columns, and reviews for music magazines. Saito is an active member of the Japan Synthesizer Programmers Association (JSPA), an organization that supports and educates synthesizer enthusiasts through activities that promote electronic music.

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